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Furnishing My Dream 24K Home with Porcelanosa! #24KLiving

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A house filled with love, care and affection makes a home. Having a home of our own is a dream seen by everyone. I am no exception to this. I dream of having a small place of my own furnished carefully with things that make me happy and comfortable. When Porcelanosa gave me an opportunity of writing about my dream home being furnished with its world class furnishings, I was ecstatic.

Born in a beautiful little Mediterranean village, Porcelanosa is a known name today in bath and kitchen products and a major group of companies offering a variety of services from kitchen and bathroom equipment as well as state-of-the-art building solutions for contemporary architecture. Venturing in Asia for the first time with Kolte-Patil Developers Ltd. for their luxury brand #24KLiving, Porcelanosa is here to stay.

If I get a chance to decorate my home with the elegant and classy products from PORCELANOSA then I would go for the complete makeover. Checkout my picks below and the reason why I chose them. :)

1) Walls furnished with XLIGHT
Image Source: http://www.porcelanosa.com/gb/wall-tiles/xlight.php

A new porcelain tile by Urbatek, XLIGHT is characterised by its extra-large format and minimum thickness. I loved the uniqueness it gives to the plain old ceramic. A natural evolution to ceramic, it is light, absorbs less than a traditional tile, has minimum thickness and a large format. It is also pocket friendly because it can be over tiled over the old ceramic without having to take the old ceramic first.

Absolutely captivating, it is versatile and can be used to make fully integrated rooms. “Invisible” doors and cupboards, tiled bathrooms and kitchens furnished with one sole hygienic material that is unchanging and highly resistant.

Given a chance I would plan my room walls with XLIGHT! :)

2) Floors beautified by Laminate Flooring

Image Source: http://www.porcelanosa.com/gb/laminate-flooring.php
I have drooled over laminate floors for quite sometime now but when I read about the laminate flooring options provided by Porcelanosa, I was overjoyed at having waited until now. :)

Laminate flooring by L’Antic Colonial stands out for its particularly high resistance to abrasion and impacts. This surface is also resistant to pressure, scratches, cigarette burns and UV light. It has a high quality coating with a special application of Aquatec on its edges, making laminate flooring by PORCELANOSA Group extremely solid. It is resistant to dirt and dust and it can be easily vacuumed or cleaned to produce a delightful, hygienic room, guaranteeing attractive living spaces that are particularly appreciated by people with allergies.

Laminate is used both in private and commercial spaces. For this reason L’Antic Colonial offers laminates with different technical characteristics to respond to different construction needs.

With so many features and varieties being provided by a well known name like Porcelanosa, I dont need to look far to get that flooring done in my home. I loved this beautiful dark chocolate brown flooring and would love to have my floors done with this laminate. :)

3) Adding character to my Kitchen with furnishing from Parcelona

a) Kitchen Furniture

Kitchen is the most frequented place in my home because I am a foodie and love to eat as well as cook. So having a strategically designed kitchen that is space friendly, easy on the eyes as well as a place that calls you to come spend time there is important. Porcelanosa gives the customer many choices in terms of Kitchen furniture to make it just that.

Image Source: http://www.porcelanosa.com/gb/kitchen-furniture.php

Image Source: http://www.porcelanosa.com/gb/kitchen-furniture.php
Porcelanosa brings to its customers versatile, specific and functional kitchen furniture that caters to our needs and makes our kitchens a place where memories are created along with great food. :)

Current design trends mark the introduction of new materials into different kitchen components, such as glass or KRION® countertops, fronts or shelves, and designs adapted to storage needs, with pillars, tall cupboards and integrated domestic appliances.

I loved the above idea of having such a beautiful kitchen with tall cupboards to store everything and also save space, making the kitchen look big and airy. Definitely a place where I would love to spend time with my family while we cook and enjoy great meals. :)

b) Indoor Furniture
Gamadecor’s complementary kitchen furniture is fundamental in finishing off a Gamadecor kitchen. The unique design, natural beauty, quality and comfort of its chairs, stools and tables help to set kitchens apart from all the rest.

A range conspicuous for its top-quality materials, superior finishes and attention to finer detail, it plays a starring role in Gamadecor kitchens.

Image Source: http://www.porcelanosa.com/gb/indoor-collection.php
These Tao Blanco chairs made me fall in love with them. Serene white with a classy finish, I can visualize my future kitchen with these in it. It would be fun to sit here, dine and enjoy with family! :)

c) Kitchen Taps

Taps by Noken offer great designs with maximum functionality. Add fashion and class to your kitchen with these elegant taps.

Image Source: http://www.porcelanosa.com/gb/kitchen-taps.php

I loved this particular tap design which looks innovative and yet so functionally efficient. :)

d) Kitchen Worktops

Image Source: http://www.porcelanosa.com/gb/kitchen-worktops.php
Porcelanosa brings to the customers sturdy, durable and yet beautifully designed worktops to add beauty in their kitchens.

PORCELANOSA has developed a high-tech material for use as kitchen worktops. Made of a mineral compound, it is capable of withstanding high temperatures and external aggressions without any change in its appearance. KRION® Solid Surface is manufactured using eco-friendly systems, with no volatile compound emissions. It is fully recyclable and complies with environmental guidelines in terms of its long-lasting durability.

I would love to have a worktop like above in pristine white that I know will last for years about any hassles and also endure my many kitchen accidents. :)

4) My Bathroom styled by Porcelanosa

Porcelanosa provides stunning bathroom products that are sure to make you swoon. I drooled over its many offerings and selected the below must-have products in my own bathroom. :)

a) Rain Shower

Porcelanosa brings to the customers rain showers built to give extra sensation and therapy each day. They offer a wide range of rain showers with different water current selection modes like rain, waterfall or overhead water jet, reproducing the different ways water falls to Earth in nature. They even provide customized rain showers catered to individual needs. How cool is that! :)

I love standing in the rain and what better way than this to have a rain each day in your own bathroom! It would be so cool. I absolutely adored the below rain shower and would love to have it in my own bathroom someday. :)

Image Source: http://www.porcelanosa.com/gb/showers/rain-showers.php
b) Sanitaryware

Noken, a company part of the Porcelanosa group specializing in bathroom equipment offers customers a wide variety of styles and designs. It brings attractive designs that add character to the bathroom and also make it classy.
Furthermore, to encourage water saving in the bathroom, Noken includes various eco mechanisms in its toilets that generate water savings of up to 25% compared to standard systems.

I loved the below look and could visualize my own bathroom like this someday. :)

Image Source: http://www.porcelanosa.com/gb/sanitaryware.php

These are the products from Porcelanosa that I would use to furnish my own 24K dream home. Go checkout the other very innovative, highly efficient and durable products from the brand here: http://www.porcelanosa.com/

Data and image References: http://www.porcelanosa.com/

This post is written as an entry as part of #IndiHappyHours on IndiBlogger for the Porcelanosa campaign #24KLiving

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