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Movie Review--> Penguins of Madagascar ~ Light, fun and a zippy movie


If you have watched the Madagascar movies then you are well aware of the four quirky but very resourceful penguins, Skipper, Rico, Kowalski and Private who endeared themselves to the viewers by their funny antics playing supporting parts in these movies. They are now here in a movie of their own!

The movie starts with a scene in Antarctica which marks the starting of the adventurous life of these penguins who think they are super-spies! Skipper is the leader, Rico eats any and everything and is the muscle, Kowalski is the brains and Private is cute! I loved Private. He is so cute but also very intelligent which he proves later on in the film. :) 

Baby Private ~ He is so cute! :)
These four are different from the other penguins who are unimaginative, don't think for themselves but only believe in following others blindly.

 Young Penguins of Madagascar
Young Kowalski, Skipper, Private and Rico
The movie narrates another one of their adventures where this time they are faced by a wicked and evil Octopus Dave who has prepared a serum which he calls the Medusa serum. This serum is deadly and Dave is preparing to unleash it on as many penguins as possible including these four who have been his target from the very start. Dave is resentful of their cuteness which led him to be shunned at every zoo that he was kept in. Now it's upto these Penguins of Madagascar tackle this evil villain and stop him before he unleashes this horror on the other penguins. I happily followed Skipper and his team all over the globe in search of Dave and enjoyed their super funny antics! :)

North Wind, a legitimate animal super spy team is also on the trail of the dangerous villain Dave and when they come face-to-face with our penguins of Madagascar, it is both funny and entertaining to watch them. The contrast is so beautifully brought to life. North Wind are professionals who plan their every move and have hi-tech gadgets while Skipper's team is spontaneous, gutsy and totally working without calculated plans. :)

NW and Dave
While this movie has all the ingredients to make you laugh, enjoy and feel relaxed, when compared to the previous Madagascar movies, it falls short. The story is not well planned, the penguins' characters could have been fleshed out more, the villain also lacks a certain air of danger to him and North Wind are not at all given their due share of spotlight. This movie looks more aimed at small kids who will be thrilled by all the rapidly happening antics of Skipper and his team to feel the absence of a well plotted story.

I loved Private in this film who has finally come out of his shell to prove himself a valued member of Skipper's team and it was very interesting to watch Skipper's realization of his potential apart from just the cuteness that he had always associated with Private! The voices of all the characters are just perfect and well balanced. Benedict Cumberbach has lent his voice to Classified, the wolf head of NW and does his character justice. John Malkovich shines as the evil Octopus broken over his ugliness. A 90 minute movie, Penguins of Madagascar could not have been made longer but could definitely have been made more crisp, thus, doubling the already high fun and entertainment quotient of the film.

All in all, Penguins in Madagascar is funny, relaxing and a light movie that will entertain the children and even the adults but fails to leave a lasting impression on our minds. 4 out of 5 to it from me and I recommend it to all the kids. :)

Do share your own views about the movie with me and let me know how you liked it. :)


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