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Shop befikar on Quikr ~My Free Shopping Fiesta experience with Quikr

 Shop befikar on Quikr~ My Free Shopping Fiesta experience with Quikr

"Photo khech, Quikr pe bech" says the advertisement for Quikr which is one of India’s largest online and mobile classifieds portals. Now I have shopped from Quikr before and loved the freedom that it offers people to browse categories, find the perfect product, compare prices and then choose the best possible one. A splendid idea to sell out your old stuff to make room for new ones or buy used stuff in budget, I love such portals. The option of selecting your city helps in containing the searches to include the ones based in your city.

When I heard about the latest Quikr contest organized by BlogAdda where we could apply to shop for any item/items totaling five thousand rupees from Quikr, write about our shopping experience on our blog and they would reimburse the whole amount plus also give away great prizes to the winning entries, I was ecstatic. A free shopping opportunity is never to be missed by shopaholics like me, I applied for the contest and was very graciously given a chance by Blogadda to shop on Quikr for the above said amount.

I had been meaning to upgrade my mobile from my old Nokia N73 which had faithfully kept me connected to the world for so long to an android one which offered cool high end features like a good camera maybe 5 megapixel or above, a classy build, decent sound and most importantly belonged to a known and trusted brand like Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony etc. But I also didn't want to spend too much when buying one and because of this the plan to upgrade always got postponed. This time though, thanks to Blogadda and Quikr I could finally upgrade my phone so I thought I would spare Rs. 6000 max of which Rs. 5000 would be reimbursed by Quikr and Blogadda. This way I could get a phone and also save enough for my other expenses.

My old Nokia N73 mobile phone

1) Feeling giddy with the given opportunity and the thrill of shopping, I went to my laptop, typed Quikr.com and pressed Enter.

Quikr Home Page

2) There is a "Select Your City" option which helps narrow our searches to areas in our city. I happily selected "Ghaziabad" as my city and then selected the Mobiles & Tablets category out of the various categories available like:
a) Cars & Bikes
b) Mobiles & Tablets
c) Electronics & Appliances
d) Real Estate
e) Jobs
f) Home & Lifestyle
g) Education & Learning
h) Services
i) Pets & Pet Care
j) Community & Events
k) Matrimonial
l) Entertainment

3) Since I wanted to buy a mobile phone so I further selected Mobile Phones category and it took me to the various mobile phones available for sale in my city.

Various ad listings in the Mobile Phones sub-category in Mobiles & Tablets Category on Quikr

We have options like Brand Name, Used/New, Price Range, No. of Sims, Operating System etc. to further refine our searches and thus, facilitate us in getting the best deal.

4) After much deliberation, searching and comparing, I had finally got the phone I knew I wanted to own. A sleek, sexy and very reasonably priced Samsung Galaxy S2. There were several available ranging from Rs. 5300 to 10,000. I chose the one priced at Rs. 5300. At just Rs. 5300, I could buy it befikar and without draining my pocket much.

My chosen mobile phone after searching through all ads listed on Quikr.

5) I instantly called up on the number the seller had given. We talked and I asked all the doubts I had regarding the phone he was selling and posed some questions like Why he was selling? Were there any problems in the phone that he was selling? etc. After getting some reasonable answers to my questions and convinced that the phone was a good deal, we fixed a meeting time and place to check the mobile and finalize the deal.

My conversation with the seller.

6) I left my home and drove to meet the Seller, further check the phone and bring the new mobile home if fully convinced.

7) I met the seller, checked out the phone and after being fully satisfied, I paid him the money to bring home my new phone. Yippee! :)

My new Samsung Galaxy S2 mobile phone and the other accompaniments with it.

I got a great deal with a great android phone Samsung Galaxy S2 which has an 8 mega pixel camera, Android Kitkat version, cool sound, 1 GB Ram etc. I also got Samsung head phones, a charger and a data cable. What more could I ask for! :)

My new phone is so cute and I absolutely love my favorite Kung Fu Panda wallpaper that I installed on it. :)
As soon as I got the phone, I installed some cool apps like the FB app, Twitter, Whatsapp and the Quikr app to keep myself updated on all latest deals!

The Quikr app now runs on my phone. Yay!

Way to go, Quikr! You are indeed "Buyer aur Seller ka Perfect Matchmaker".

If you haven't tried shopping on Quikr then go give it a try. It's super easy to both sell and buy stuff from it. You wont be disappointed and will be doing the happy dance like me. :)

Happy Shopping! :)

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