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When he said it all with just a touch! #BringBackTheTouch

A simple, loving touch warms our hearts and makes us feel wanted. While this gesture is so potent, it is slowly being pushed into the darkness of ignorance by us. Stuck in our hectic lives we haven't got the time to sit beside our loved ones, hug them or even hold their hands in times of sadness.

 Short Story: When he said it all with just a touch!
Image source: The Guardian
My story starts from the day I came to a new home away from my own family with only my hopes of a happy future and the golden wisdom given by my mother with me. My husband's family was my own now and his home my own safe haven.

I and N had loved each other since college and while we hailed from different social sects our parents had had no issues with our marriage. We could never have enough of each other. We were always together in college. We ate together, we studied together and we partied together. We held hands while talking, conveyed our emotions in words as well as by touch. He had held me while I cried after I failed to make it to the student council. I had held his hand while the doctor took an injection to him which had terrified him. We were happy together and I knew we were perfect for each other.

But times change and priorities change. Soon after marriage, it became apparent that our priorities had also changed. N was soon engrossed in his work- late home and early to office. We rarely had time for each other. I had the responsibility of home, caring for his ailing parents as well as my job.

We had become strangers to each other who only met briefly and then were off to their own lives. Even the weekends were spent on household work or other emergencies that made themselves known each week without fail.

Time passed and the day came when we had married exactly a year ago. I was so excited. I knew he would be too but he didnt show it.

"No matter. He must be planning some surprise for me." I mused looking at his face as he got ready for office.

"I have taken the day off today." I told him giving him a clue and hoping he would catch the meaning behind it.
"Good." He muttered distractedly.

"Good? Wont you ask me why I took the day off?" I asked while I searched his face for any signs of acknowledgement that he remembered our anniversary but could only see his distracted face while he rummaged in the cupboard for something.

Feeling exasperated at his total ignorance, I asked him, "Are you going to office today?"
"Yeah, I have a big meeting today. Have you seen my blue tie? I cant find it?" He completely ignored my caustic voice and kept murmuring to himself while he flung clothes outside.

I could take it no longer. I felt betrayed and on the verge of tears. Sucking up my tears, I pushed him aside and gave him his wretched tie and after fifteen of the longest and most painful minutes of my life, my beloved husband was gone.

Yeah, gone! As if we hadn't been lovers once..As if we hadn't sworn to cherish each other once..We were no longer those people. We were strangers!

I cried the whole morning and didn't come out even when I heard my in-laws calling me. I had the maid see to their needs. I just didn't feel like talking to anyone. I heard several knocks the whole day but never opened my door to see who it was as I had already feigned a headache so I kept mum and brooded on the futility of love.

My heartbreaking grief session was in full swing when my mobile buzzed. I ignored it but it kept buzzing as if daring me to answer it. Eventually I picked it up.

"Hello." I tried my level best to sound normal even though my voice cracked with too much crying.
"Is this Nikita Soni's phone?" An unknown voice asked making me curious.
"Yes, I am speaking." I cautiously answered.
"Madam, I am calling from the Central Hospital. Your husband had an accident and has been admitted here. I got this number from his phone. Can you come at once?" He asked.
My heart had stopped beating. I could not draw breath to speak but shook my head as if he could see my assent as I disconnected the phone.

My N was hurt. I could not wrap my mind around it. All my anger at him was suddenly gone replaced by a guilt that gnawed at me. Maybe I had cursed him which was why he was hurt. It was all my mistake.

I ran out of the room, jumped in my car and drove at a speed I had always objected to.

Once at the hospital I parked at the first parking spot and was just getting out when someone suddenly opened the car door and sat down beside me.

"What?" I was shocked to see N sitting beside me smiling as if enjoying a private joke.

Seeing his self satisfied smile instantly made me angry as it dawned on me that I had been duped.
"What is happening?" I glared at him as I crossed my arms while sitting slightly turned in my seat to face him.

"Happy Anniversary, My sweet!" He gave me his full wattage smile as I was suddenly engulfed in his warm embrace. I struggled for sometime trying to get him away from me so I could shout at him for making my day hell but his gentle breath on my neck and his warm arms around me soothed me and I was soon hugging him even tighter.

After what felt like forever, he pushed me a little away from him and took my hand as he said, "I love you. I have always loved you and will always love you. I know we have been busy and have had little time for each other but know this that you are never far from my thoughts and I promise to cherish you more from now on. I will take you on outings, will carry your bags while you shop and even eat that horrible smoothie that you say is good for my health. I will do everything in my power to show you that I love you. Please forgive me for my stunt which was very entertaining, by the way."

He would have continued but his sudden roguish wink and his apparent pleasure at the expense of my grief had me swatting his hand away and then again holding it as he tried to move away.

"I don't need your words, N. I never did. We said everything with our touch and our eyes. I hope to have that same love again." I told him while lowering my eyes at the sudden searing intensity in his eyes.

"Then let me show you. Let me touch you. Let me love you." He murmured as he lowered his face to kiss me.

We hurried home because some things cant be said but only showed. He had said it all with his touch and I was grateful that the love I felt I had lost had returned as his loving touch showed me that night! :)

Such is the power of touch. Sometimes a simple touch says everything that even words cant make one believe. As the simple embrace by my husband that day made me realize that he still loved me. We understood the power of simple gestures like touch to convey our feelings for each other. One should never let go of a chance to give his/her loved one the much needed love through simple gestures like holding their hand when they are unhappy or giving them a hug when they need one.

Enjoy and never underestimate the power of TOUCH. Give your love freely and never hold back. :)

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