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#WillYouShave ~ When my friend understood the power of a clean shaved face!

The incident that I am going to recount is from the days when we were still in college, I and my friend, Ravi. Ravi has always been a car and bike enthusiast and while now he follows only the technical aspects of these machines, in college he was a full fashion follower too! He dressed like the bad biker boys one sees on TV with long hair, hairy beard, a bandana tied on his forehead and baggy jeans with ratty T-shirts completing he look.

To me, he looked like a bandit and even though I didn't like his look, he loved it and was not ready to change but change he did after one fateful incident in his life.

Our college life was almost at an end. Only a few months remained and we were all set to tackle the various companies arriving in our college to hire us! The whole college was abuzz with preparations, students were nervously revising all that they had learned in the past three and a half years and trying their best to groom themselves into the most appealing individuals for the hiring team but he was adamant on not shaving off his beard. He told everyone that the company would surely see his resume and check his skills rather than checking his looks. No amount of telling could change his mind.
The fateful day arrived and with it the heart rates of the students spiked. This was an important company, one of the leading software companies in India and everyone dreamed of launching their career with it. We too were excited.

There were three rounds in the selection process. First was a written round, second was a GD round and the last and most important round was the Interview round. The first two rounds he crossed easily. The last round started in the evening and soon it was evident that this was a tough one. Very challenging questions were being asked apart from an overall evaluation but he was not worried. He was confident of his abilities. Soon his turn came and he went in, but from the first instant it was clear that the Interviewer was not impressed with him. He barely checked out his resume and was very concerned about his looks. He lectured him on the necessity of being well groomed to appear professional and inspire confidence in the clients. With his every cutting remark, Ravi shrunk more and more in his chair and regretted not removing his full grown beard. After what felt like hours, the Interviewer dismissed him and with it his chances of securing that job.

Ever since that day, he decided to never keep a beard or even a stubble and has followed this advice till date even when, through a strange twist of fate, he was again called to sit in an off-campus recruitment drive for the same company and did get a job there this time, maybe because this time he went clean shaved, looking very professional. He had understood the power of a clean shaved face! :)

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