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All men out there #WillYouShave?

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Gillette and Blogadda have come up with a very interesting campaign which asks men if they will shave and inspires them to open their hearts and share stories where a clean shaved face or lack of it impacted them. I love clean shaved men and so, was very interested in what the men in my life had to say on the topic. The first man I talked to was my Dad. I asked him what his thoughts were on the topic and how he would justify it to another man. I asked him to imagine me as a man whom he had to convince to accept his views on the topic and what happened was totally entertaining and had me eventually agreeing to his views!

This is what he had to say which I have tried to put down in this post to the best of my ability.

Clean shaven or a bearded face, comes the question in my mind. I love having a clean shaven face because it presents me as a disciplined, dedicated and a fun loving person which I really am and  I am happy that my real personality is depicted with the help of my best friend “Gillette” which is just awesome.

A beard, however fashionable it may seem, can never compete with the confidence inspiring clean shaven look. A well groomed look not only inspires confidence but also gives us a happy feeling. Life is unpredictable, we never know when the right opportunity can knock at our door and change our life forever.

When we are happy, satisfied and feeling confident, the people around us also feel more assured in our capabilities because a first look can sometimes leave a lasting impression. Being confident makes us happy which in turn helps us in spreading happiness in the society making so many people smile in their lives considering the fact that everyone in this world is not always happy and must be having so many problems in their lives but just a small moment of happiness makes them feel good and forget their troubles for sometime.
Having a clean shaven face every day, I am always confident that I am putting my best foot forward and my positive thinking will help me in creating my destiny. Are you going to play victim to destiny or create your own by being your best self each day?

I learnt that a well dressed man always has an advantage over a lazily dressed one. People almost always judge us even before we speak so I always tell everyone to say yes, to the clean shaven look and bid goodbye to the shabby stubbles and the rock star ruggedness which never showcases men in favourable light.

"#WillYouShave and say yes, to the well groomed revolution?" He asked me.

"Oh Yes!" I exclaimed and had I been a man I would have gone straight to shave off my beard if I had one! :)
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Thumbs up to my Dad for convincing me and thanks to Gillette for making men presentable for years! :)

This post is a part of #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette

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