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Book Review--> The Twisted Fate #1- After The Rain by Jo Watson

Title and Author: After the Rain by Jo Watson
No. of Pages: 257 
Series: The Twisted Fate Series Book 1
Publication Date: August 19, 2014
Language: English
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Humour, Satire, Series

Book Review:
Stormy-Rain believes in all things spiritual with an obsessive compulsive repulsion to new technology. She reads and believes in tarot cards, has rainbow coloured hair and does not believe in long lasting relationships. Marcus is her complete opposite. He is suave, sophisticated, tech savvy and as serious as Stormy-Rain isn't. 
Follow Stormy-Rain and Marcus as they are thrown together by fate in an attraction and situations that have the power to either make or destroy their lives!

This is the first book by Jo Watson that I have read and I liked it so much that I went back to check out her other books and came to know that she won the Wattpad and So You Think You Can Write contests for her debut novel, Burning Moon and was so intrigued that I bought this book too. :)

After the Rain is a funny, sweet and beautifully written romance between two completely different people. I loved the unique cover of the book and was captivated by the blurb which, I am sure, will intrigue readers to pick up this book.
The characters are the highlight of this book. Stormy-Rain is so eccentric that she sometimes seems other-worldly and even unreal but then she suddenly does something that makes her seem so real and totally endearing. I absolutely loved Marcus with his silent strength and a balanced approach to life. He is a man who is sure to attract women with his good looks and his silent assurance of a stable life with him. He is a one-woman man and his exasperation with Stormy-Rain and his grudging attraction to her was so cute and totally entertaining. The third character played by Fate makes the story even more fun with its spicy story narration. The other characters which were introduced in Jo's previous and first book, Burning Moon also make an appearance in this book but despite this, we can read this book as a standalone like I did.

The story narration is smooth and Jo creates realistic situations with rich narrations that make the reader feel as if he is experiencing everything first hand. I finished this book in one sitting and then immediately went ahead to start Burning Moon! I was so intrigued that I could not wait. :)

All in all, this is a thoroughly entertaining romance that perfectly balances humour, emotional play and intense scenes which make the reader ponder over things and then despite all complications root for a HEA for the protagonists. I enjoyed reading about Stormy-Rain and Marcus and hope I meet them again in the subsequent books in this series. Strongly recommended to all readers above eighteen years of age, I give After the Rain 4.5 out of 5. Jo is a talented author and now definitely on my list of authors to watch out for.

I got this book for free from Amazon and I am so glad that I did. :)

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  1. It sounds really interesting and different. Great review! #COYER


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