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Book Review--> Saving O'Connell by Anke Van Zweel

Title and Author: Saving O'Connell by Anke Van Zweel
No. of Pages: 98
Publication Date: November 18, 2014
Language: English
Genre: Erotic Romance, Adult Romance, Debut

Book Review:
Brian O'Connell has lost his will to live. That is until he sets eyes on the sweet, blue eyed Sam on a train. Is this love at first sight?
A chance encounter with Sam leads Brian hopeful of a life again but is it even possible because both Brian and Sam are hiding dark secrets.

Another one of my blogger friend is now an author and as soon as she told me about her book, I was more than happy to dive into it! :)

Saving O'Connell is a novella and Anke's first book. An intense story of chance encounters which can change the course of our lives, I enjoyed reading the book.

The cover is nothing too special but the blurb catches our attention. The book is written in first person mainly from Brian's POV but one or two chapters are written from Sam's POV also. Anke's writing style is simple, engaging and authentic. She made me visualize the scenes through her writing. There are a few words misused like instead of "off", "of" is used and several times words are skipped in sentences which could be handled through another round of editing.

The characters are beautifully developed and I could feel their emotions. The deep guilt and hurt of Brian sears the reader with its intensity. Similarly, his attraction towards Sam is sensuous and equally intense. Sam is opposite to Brian's serious persona. She is bubbly, ever smiling and even naive but they both complement each other beautifully. The romantic scenes between these two are hot and even erotic. Definitely enough to scorch you with their hotness. :)
The emotional struggle and journey of acceptance and support is admirably brought about by the author but I have one complain here. It is suggested that Sam has some dark secret which she is hiding but no clarity is given on it. Maybe there is a second book in works. Other than this, this is a short, quick and very intense story that will be enjoyed by all adult romance readers.

I give Saving O'Connell 4 out of 5 and recommend this book to all romance lovers above the age of eighteen years who read books with erotic themes. I look forward to reading more from Anke in the future and wish her the very best. :)

Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23591923-saving-o-connell?ac=1

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