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#TravelWithKids ~ Tips to keep in mind when travelling with kids

Kids see the world more innocently than us, adults, who are more skeptical of the definition of fun. I went along with my brother and his family to Goa in October this year and I was amazed at the joy and happiness that his two children, one aged eight and the other aged six, took even while we, adults, kept grumbling at things like the heat during daytime. The small children took joy over the smaller things like building sand castles on the beach, cooing over the many types of fish they could see and the colourful dresses that the people there wore!

Travel with Kids

My sister-in-law had taken care to enlighten her children about Goa beforehand, so when they actually visited Goa they could relate the various places they saw with the information they already had by reading about them. This was fun and had them completely entertained giving us, adults, no worries about entertaining them ourselves! Furthermore, they had come prepared with swimsuits, hats, goggles and suntan lotion which they happily showcased at the beaches enjoying having their pictures taken in different poses. It is so invigorating to see children enjoying the simple pleasures. They didn't want flashy night clubs or five star resorts to enjoy themselves. They were happy playing in the sand without worrying about getting tanned and without taking tension of getting their clothes dirty. They were happy to get a break from school and enjoyed the food, games, beaches and the visit to the various landmarks in Goa. Watching them laugh, play and enjoy with abandon, I was also attracted by their easy pleasure and have to say that the happiness and enjoyment I experienced on this trip was unlike any of my other trips. Add the funny, slightly crazy poses we made for the pictures, I know the photos will make me laugh always.

However, when taking children on holidays we also need to take care of certain things so the little ones are not inconvenienced and are able to enjoy the vacation to the fullest.

  • The first thing that I noticed about this holiday with my brother's family was that they had already acquainted their children to the history of the place and its various attractions so that when they actually visited those places the children already had some idea about its history and so were excited to compare their bookish knowledge with the actual place being in front of them!
  • Second, parents need to ensure that they have had their children checked by a doctor before they travel so that they know that their children are in good health and are prepared in case they suffer from any illness during the holiday. Plan for unexpected illnesses too by packing medicines for general ailments like stomach ache, head ache, vomitting etc.
  • Third, get your children's IDs in order before travelling so that you don't face any issues later on.
  • Fourth, plan your travel beforehand so that when you reach your destination, the little ones, already exhausted from travelling, are not inconvenienced from having to search for transportation or a staying place.
  • Fifth, be prepared for the climatic conditions of the places you are visiting and keep suitable clothes, shoes, medicines and other things that the children may require while on holiday. 
  • Sixth, plan your travel keeping your children in mind. Don't plan for hectic schedules and give the little ones time to enjoy and explore the new places they visit.
  • Seventh, the parents need to become kids when travelling with kids because children look upto their parents for support and crave their participation in their own enjoyment. Only when we actively participate in their adventures is when happy memories are created which are sure to stay with them for a long time.
  • Eighth, parents should ensure that they have games ready to keep their kids entertained in case they are faced with delays during travel.
  • Ninth, children should be encouraged to stay with their parents at all times and not go anywhere alone.
  • Tenth, carry some snacks and water when travelling with kids so that even if you don't find any eating points along the way, you can still feed the kids when they get hungry.
  • Eleventh, if you are travelling with toddlers carry baby wipes, extra diapers, medicines and food products for them.
  • Twelfth, toddlers are also sensitive to sleeping arrangements and suitable arrangements should be made for them while travelling so that we are able to rest them.Well rested babies are happy babies. :)
  • Thirteenth, if travelling by car and having a toddler with us, it is important to have a car seat installed so that the child is able to travel easy and comfortably.
  • Lastly, it is all about the love, carefree enjoyment and making memories with our children that makes any holiday special.

What do you think? Have any other tips? Do share with me in the comments section. I love hearing from you. 

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