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When telling the truth taught me a valuable lesson!

Honesty is the best policy and telling the truth, however hard it may seem at the time, is the best solution to any situation. I have always been in awe of my mother who is strict and a stickler for all things moral.

This event happened when I was eight years old and just starting to grow the rebellion bone in my body. A senior in my school introduced us to magnets and wowed us with tricks that he did with them. I was very fascinated watching iron getting attracted to the magnet and was soon yearning to own one myself but the issue was that I had no money to buy the magnet that the senior was ready to sell us for just ten rupees.

Excited and slightly confident of acquiring the required amount from my mother, I came home that day and requested my mother to give me ten rupees. She asked me why I wanted the money and when I told her that it was to buy a magnet, she wanted to know what I would do with it.

I told her about all the tricks we had learned. My mother waited a bit and then declined saying that she would ask Papa to get me a  magnet and forbade me from buying it from someone else but I was crushed because my father had a travelling job which kept him away from home a lot. He was travelling at that time and not supposed to return for another month which looked like a lot of time to spend without a magnet and thus, miss out on all the fun that my friends were sure to have when they bought the magnets from the senior the other day.
I threw tantrums, begged my mother and even cried my eyes out but she didn't agree. Angry and feeling rebellious, I vowed to buy the magnet the next day, come hell or high! Determined, I went to my room and along the way saw the money that we kept as donations in our puja ghar. I was tempted to take just ten rupees and although, I knew it was wrong I took the money and bought the magnet the next day.

Several days passed and the magnet became my personal secret and although, I felt guilty about the means I had taken to buy it I squashed the sensation but then suddenly my mother asked me if I had taken money from the donation box. I was suddenly scared and knew that if I accepted to taking the money and in turn, robbing the donation box, my mother would never forgive me. It didn't matter that it was just ten rupees. I denied to having gone near the box, let alone taking the money. Thankfully, my mother didn't grill me but I was never at ease after this. The truth kept gnawing at my conscience and soon I was unable to bear the guilt of lying anymore. 

The next day, I went up to her and in between sobbing and blowing my nose, I told her the truth. I had hoped for the worst but was surprised to see that as soon as I finished my confession I was hugged by mom. We both cried that day but my mother told me that she was proud of me for having the guts to own up to my faults and tell the truth. I promised her never to do something like this ever again and always listen to her. That day, I understood the power of telling the truth and also realized that it was the right thing to do since it lightened my burden of guilt and also taught me a valuable lesson.

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