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Book Review--> What If He's the One? by Kathy Jay

Title and Author:  What If He's the One? by Kathy Jay
No. of Pages: 256
Publication Date: HarperImpulse (13th November 2014)
Language: English
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy

Book Review:
What If He's the One? caught my eye because of two initial attractions. One was towards the cover which intrigued me and then the title of the book which again had me returning to check this book out!
Then when I read the blurb, I knew that I just had to read this book.

The book narrates the story of Maggie and her first love Alex who left her ten years ago to become an actor. Now, Maggie is a budding fashion stylist and thinks that she has moved on from the whole Alex episode while Alex is the very famous heartthrob and the sexiest vampire in the hit vampire series running on TV! As fate will have it, Alex and Maggie are thrown together and what ensues is both funny and heart touching. Will these two re-ignite their past love or have they really moved on?
I loved Maggie's character. She is funny, independent, slightly lovestruck and majority spooked by her family history. Watching her reactions when she meets Alex after all these years and reading her thoughts all through the book had me giggling, laughing and then going misty eyed. Alex is the handsome yet gentleman hero in the book who had me falling for him right from the start. He is considerate, compassionate and very down-to-earth. Sacrificing his own dreams to give a boost to his brother's, he is a hero who endeared himself to me and had me rooting for a happy, love filled life for him. Alex's twin brother, Nick is shown as a swaggering socialite who sometimes seems even mean and unconcerned for anyone's needs except his own but despite that I just knew he had a good heart and now I am eager to read his own story. I hope Kathy writes his story soon. 

The author's writing style is simple, engaging and very descriptive. She vividly sketches the places, events and characters so that it is almost automatic that the story plays like a movie in the readers' minds. She balanced the romance, humour and the serious part of the story well in the book.

Although the overall story is sweet, it is not without some cons. Firstly, Maggie's reasons for not pursuing Alex in the current time get a bit repetitive and although fully valid, I just felt the repetition could have been held off. Secondly, all through the book the reader is given a sense that Nick is not happy with Alex and is planning something drastic. Also he is shown like a spoilt, arrogant and almost villainous twin brother which does not amount to anything in the end. He is suddenly thrown in the angel's role which struck me as odd. What was the need for showing him in a bad light, in the first place?

All in all, What If He's the One? is a fully entertaining, sweet and enjoyable romance that had me completely engrossed all through the book. 4 out of 5 to it and recommended to all romance lovers. I laughed, giggled, rooted and got misty eyed while reading this book as I am sure you all will too. Kathy is a talented writer and I am going to keep a lookout for her future books.

I received the book from NetGalley and the publishers, HarperImpulse and I am very thankful to them. The above review is my honest and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced.

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  1. Sounds like a great read. Although I don't particularly like
    the cover, it definitely stands out and would also make me grab it. I love books that make you feel all kinds of feelings! I will definitely keep this book in mind! :D

  2. The cover has a significance..It definitely caught my eye..Give it a try and I hope you enjoy it :)


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