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Feature and Follow #36

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Question of the Week: Do you have any fun collections (other than books)? - Suggested by

Peace Love Books

I love collecting shells and have quite a collection from all my travels to seaside cities in India. I am not at home so cant share the pics but they are just so beautiful! :)

What do you collect apart from books?

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  1. I like collecting magnet pictures from places I've traveled too! :)

  2. Nice idea for a collection.

    Regular follower xx

    My FF

  3. Shells are always so beautiful!

    I tend to collect refrigerator magnets whenever I go on a trip. I probably should have posted that for my F&F, but I my fridge looks so disorganized at the moment and I'm too lazy to rearrange them and make them look pretty :)

    new bloglovin' follower!

    Lisa@Lisa's Library

  4. That sounds like a beautiful collection! My dad collects sea glass :) Old follower!

    Here's my F&F!

  5. Thanks..I love looking at the shells and reliving the good memories :)

  6. LOL..Thanks for dropping by Jessica :)

  7. I love your blog! :)

    Seashells are beautiful! I hope you do post a picture of your seashell collection some day! :)

    New follower via BL and GFC :p

    Natasha @ Dreamland Teenage Fantasy: My FF

  8. That is such a fantastic idea for a collection! I collect snow globes from all my travels!

    New follower via GFC!
    My FF- http://tyrasbookshelf.blogspot.it/2015/01/feature-follow.html?m=1

    -Tyra xxx

  9. Shells are beautiful to collect! I'm an old follower. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

  10. I have a few sand dollars but they don't travel very well. I wish I had more.

    Kelsey @ One Chapter Ahead

  11. Seashells are awesome! New Bloglovin' follower! Thanks for stopping by! Happy reading!

  12. Oh yes, I used to collect shells too when I was a kid! But I don't know where my shells have gone to lol!

    Followed you back via GFC

  13. That sounds like an awesome collection, I love collecting things from the different places that you've been to or visited. Some shells are absolutely gorgeous. I have a small collection of shot glasses and postcards, other little trinkets from different places I've been to. :)

    Thanks, for stopping by the blog.

  14. Jessica @ a GREAT readFebruary 22, 2015 at 11:06 PM

    OOh nice! I loved seashells as a kid. Though I lived nowhere near any beach I had a few shells from the lake. Kinda gross now that I think about it...but I do love seashells! :D

    Here's my Follow Friday

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  15. I've always been curious about the different colors and shapes seashells would take on in the various oceans around the world; I can only imagine how the shells in India would look! :)


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