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I wish for a magical Valentine's Day!

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Love is a warm and happy feeling that creeps in on us suddenly and before we know it, our life is changed forever. This same feeling took me by surprise seven years ago when I first met my current husband in college. Suddenly I was seeing him everywhere, thinking of him every time and searching him in everyone I met. I looked forward to meeting him everyday and was all at once starting to notice things about my self that I had never noticed before like how my nose was too straight, my face too round, my body too plump and my teeth too big for him to get attracted towards me! But despite all this, those were some very happy and very adventurous days of my life.

Now after seven years, those feelings of excitement to see each other, that anxiety to decide what we would talk about when we met and the hours spent on self grooming to look the best when we meet has somehow got lost. We are married, faced with new responsibilities with strict schedules that leaves no time to enjoy as freely as we did then. We have become too conscious, afraid to take risks, afraid to let go of the worries that have become our constant companions and too lost in them to enjoy the freedom that we have in life.I often see my husband reminiscing about those carefree days so when I suddenly stumbled upon a temple where it was believed that everyone who prayed there had their one wish granted, I prayed to relive my first official date in college with my husband again for this Valentine's Day.

We have so many wishes and as I prayed for this one wish, I am not sure if I will get it but then I asked myself, "What do I have to loose?"
"Nothing.", said my mind and so I prayed with all my heart and hoped for the best. If I got the wish then we would time travel and if not then I would bring that time back to the present!

Seven years ago...The day of my first date...
It was a sunny day with a warm breeze and as I stood in the balcony of my room, I could not help but watch the faraway gate to the Boys Hostel hoping to catch one glimpse of my Prince. I felt like Juliet and imagined him as Romeo.
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I sighed when I finally saw him exit the gate and go towards the Education Center. I would meet him in just two hours and I wanted to look my best so I hurried inside to check my dress once again despite having already done so atleast a hundred times since morning but then this was a special day. It was my first date ever and that too with the first and only boy who had made my heart flutter and skip a beat.
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I first saw him when he became my partner in a class activity. Shy, reserved and taciturn, he rarely spoke but listened very attentively to me speaking which I am sure was just a nonsensical babble most of the times. I was as talkative as he was taciturn and while I congratulated myself on my good speaking skills, most of the times I just babbled in front of him. It seemed like all coherent thought left my brain when I encountered his intense eyes trained on me. Tall like very tall at 6 feet 3 inches and lanky, he had carbon black super shiny hair which curled at his ears and magnetic eyes which always made me feel like they could see inside my soul.

Soon we became fast friends. I often saw him watching me when he thought no one was looking but could never dare assume that he liked me.

From all the model types and more beautiful girls in our class, he could not surely like me, a normal, slightly plump and not very stylish girl? But he did like me and one day asked me if I would accompany him to have lunch at the nearby restaurant. I could not believe my ears. The man of my dreams had asked me out!

We met just before lunch. I had spent the entire morning parading and posing in front of the mirror trying to eliminate any existing glitches in my attire and makeup which had finally made me appreciate what the more girly girls from my class bore every day and why they were always running late. Being a girl was tough!

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The date was magical. We tried Italian that day and it was the first time that he spoke so freely. We talked about our family, our aspirations, cracked jokes and even gossiped. After lunch, we roamed the local market buying tit-bits and window shopping. He joked about girls' passion for shopping and how men hated it and I assured him that I was not into shopping which had him teasing me and asking if I thought I was a boy!

That day even the normal vanilla ice cream tasted different and more tasty and the dirty and small market also looked appealing, all because he was with me. We held hands, giggled, joked and just like that it was time to return. He gave me a rose when he left me at my hostel gate and it was the first rose anyone had ever given me!


This Valentine's Day, I wish to travel back in time and relive that first date with him. See ourselves back in that same carefree mode with only dreams and no tension of the future and feel myself falling in love all over again with this boy with wavy black hair and a shy smile!

Even if I don't get this wish, I know what I will do this Valentine's Day. I will surprise my husband and book lunch in the nearby restaurant, walk there with him instead of driving in a car, hold hands along the way, talk about any and everything, crack stupid jokes, eat the street side ice-cream, not worry about getting ill, not worry about the uncertain future, just enjoy this time with each other and wear that carefree smile again because after all, we are still the same two people crazy in love with each other. My life became perfect with him in it. He was and is my Romeo and I am his Juliet! :)

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