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Things that define me ~ #UseYourAnd

Women play so many roles. They are daughters, sisters, wives, friends, supporters, mothers, businesswomen, homemakers, lovers and so on. They are loving, caring, patient but also stern, scolding and bold. Being a woman in itself is a challenge. We are challenged at every point. Challenged when we try to break out of the age old molds and challenged when we take a stand.

What do you say when someone asks you, "Who are you?"
Are you able to label yourself in one category or are you willing to #UseYourAnd?
Are you a woman who is so many things, not just a good homemaker or a savvy Entrepreneur or a nerd but a homemaker and a savvy Entrepreneur and a nerd?

As we grow, we are faced with new responsibilities and take up new roles but does that mean that at one time we can take up only one role. 
Label ourselves in one category only?
I don't think so.

This is me.
Ever since I was a child, my parents encouraged me to learn new things and taught me to pursue my dreams no matter what. They told me that I could be anything. When I learned to play Sitar and my teacher told me that I had great potential and should take it up professionally, I was given free rein to do so. Then I became an artist and there too, I was free to go with the flow. So I went with my heart and won competitions playing the Sitar and painting my thoughts on paper!

When I grew up, I became the first woman engineer in my family. I worked in a big IT company but then I felt I wanted to be a homemaker too. The move from being a working woman to also becoming a housewife was tough and people told me I was making a mistake. A working woman could never be a good housewife but what do they know? It is my life and I am happy to say, being a housewife is as fulfilling as being a working woman. I could do both and I did do both. I also started my own blog where I talked about the books I was reading, the products I was using and shared the creative episodes that struck me from time to time. Recently, I have also started dabbling with photography. I am sweet, slightly restless, inquisitive and a brainy sort of woman who is always trying to learn something new. As I write this post, I am recounting so many things that define me and I hope the number only increases and that no one can ever label me in one category because there is so much more to me and so much more that I can be.

When I heard about Gillette's campaign #UseYourAnd, I was happy because I felt proud. I was proud that I had never given in to being confined to any one label but formed my own unique identity. 

I am a Daughter AND Sister AND Wife AND Friend AND Engineer AND Housewife AND Blogger AND Writer AND Businesswoman AND Nerd AND Critic AND Reader AND Sitarist AND Artist AND so many more things that define me, things that are only growing in number.

"Put an end to the one-dimensional labels that limit your potential.
Your life is composed of many ANDs – an empowering sum of all of the things you are, and all you want to be." -Venus campaign

What things define you? Have you used your AND? #UseYourAnd

This post is a part of #UseYourAnd activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette Venus


  1. I love this Nikita! I so agree, we need to stop one dimensional labels - I know I don't fit neatly into any boxes and I doubt anyone does!

  2. Great! nice to know about your ANDs..keep adding more :-) All the best...


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