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#UseYourAnd ~ My Journey from 'OR' to 'AND'

Life throws us so many curve balls and we are faced with so many testing situations where we have to make compromises, choose one thing or the other. Women play so many roles in their lives. They are mothers, daughter, wives, sisters, guides, teachers and so on. Everyday we make compromises. There are so many 'OR' in our lives and so few 'AND'.

I too have had many OR vs AND situations in my life. Sometimes I have made the right decisions and sometimes not but I will always have the satisfaction of having done what I really felt right in my heart. The most difficult decision came right after college when I was faced with the decision to either marry the love of my life or focus on my career first.  I got all sorts of suggestions from friends and family. While my family was very supportive still I felt the pressure building. Society expected me to keep the marriage first and my career second but I wanted to marry and also keep my career. Everyone told me that such a good match may never come for me again. He was leaving the city to study further and if I chose my career over him, I would lose him forever since I was getting posted in another city. I didn't know what to do. I loved him but I also loved my job. I had worked hard for this job. Studied hard for four years and got myself selected in one of the most prestigious IT companies in the country.

The situation haunted me. I was uncertain if I could handle both. A marriage meant new responsibilities and juggling it with a new job would mean some major changes in my life. Could I do it? Although, I didn't know what the future held but suddenly I was sure that I wanted both my job and the man I loved in my life. I wanted to share my life with him and was ready to work hard to make that happen.

Determined and ready to prove myself, I married my now husband and soon after left to join my new job. After two months, I managed to get a transfer to the same city as him and haven't looked back since.

This is me and my husband. :)
Despite all claims to the contrary, I prospered in my job and also built a loving home with my new family. So, my only advice to all women out there is: Don't listen to anyone. Only listen to your heart and #UseYourAnd.

World is the limit. Be anything you want to be. Break out of the "OR". Embrace the "AND". I have used my AND and taken a stand. Have you used your "AND"? #UseYourAnd.

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