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Babies' Bedtime Rituals for sound sleep!

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The first thing that we notice about babies is their never ending energy. They are never tired, always energetic and so infectious in their joy that they bring a smile to our faces too. I remember when my brother was a baby, he was bubbly, tireless and always upto no good!
Getting him to sleep was like a hike to Mt. Everest. My mother had to create the right atmosphere, make him comfortable and then perform the whole bedtime ritual before his eyes started drooping.

The thing that irks babies the most is a wet diaper which makes them uncomfortable, often leaving behind painful rashes, thus, making them irritable and jumpy. Unable to talk and convey their discomfort they opt to cry and make their unhappiness known to everyone.

This issue is solved by Pampers which has brought all the tensed parents its new product, Pampers Baby Dry Pants which stays dry not only on the outside but also inside and gives the baby an uninterrupted, happy and sound sleep with no discomfort from any wetness, thus, making the baby happy!
After a sound sleep, these small bundles of energy wake up happy and full of renewed liveliness and when the baby is happy, the parents are happy!

While this product was not available back in the days when we were kids, I am so happy that it is here now to make our children more comfortable. My cousin has a small girl and I have seen how these diapers play an important role in her life.

Every night, my cousin starts by giving the baby a bath which is both relaxing and also helps tire the child who plays in the water and is eventually tired enough to get easily in bed. After the bath, she dresses the baby in her night clothes which are soft to give the baby ultimate comfort and is sure to get her to wear the Pampers Baby Dry Pants. When the baby is all dressed up, she is laid down in her cradle and my sister sings to her. Hearing the lullaby which was sung to us when we were kids, brings tears to my eyes everytime and as always it works its magic on the baby too. She is soon asleep cuddled with her favourite teddy bear and snuggled in her cute flowery blanket.

Sometimes the baby is too uneasy to fall asleep easily, then my sister tries various things from telling her stories to gently massaging her legs. Sometimes a gentle hair massage also helps and the baby is finally transported to the world of dreams and watching her sleep with a smile on her face is the most beautiful scene that any parent can imagine.

What bedtime rituals do you follow for your little one?

Have you tried the Pampers Baby Dry Pants?
If not, then give it a try and you will see that your baby is happier and more content with no danger of wetness and no danger of painful rashes!

This post is written for Indi-Happy Hours on Indiblogger as part of Bedtime Rituals from Pampers Baby Dry Pants.

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