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Love braves and conquers all ~ #SoundOfLove

This post made its place in the winning list for the #SoundOfLove contest! Thank you all for your support and love. :)

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This below story is the story of a friend who found her own fairy tale love in the most unusual of ways.

Usha's parents had decided a match for her. Ravi was an only child and so somewhat more sheltered than the other boys his age. Having completed his MBA, he was ready to join the family business and according to Usha's mother, a great catch.

"I dont want to marry so soon. I want to complete my college and get a job first. I want to become independent before getting married. Please understand Ma. I want to enjoy life a little before I settle down." Usha pleaded with her mother for the umpteenth time.

"It is no use, arguing Usha. Your father and I have decided that Ravi is the right match for you. You can complete college after marriage and even work. Ravi's family is very progressive." Her mother tried to pacify her.


"No buts, Usha. Get ready. They will be here in a hour." Her mother told her before leaving the room.

"Ooh...I hate this Ravi already and I haven't even seen him yet!" Usha was furious but deciding to give this a try, she started dressing to meet this Ravi character.

Ravi was anxious to meet Usha. Ever since he had seen her photo, he was besotted. He was already in love if this was even possible. He had heard so much about her already. His parents were all praise and even his sister who studied with her had told him that she was very loving and caring.

It was three in the afternoon when Ravi and his family reached Usha's house. They were graciously invited in and were just settling down on the luxurious looking sofa when Ravi shrieked and jumped.

"Oh My God! Rat...Rat..." He shouted while he skipped like a child trying to evade the baby rat that was helplessly trying to run back in a dark corner away from all the humans!

Usha was coming in carrying tea and snacks on a tray when she saw the whole fiasco with the rat and was further convinced that Ravi was not the right match for her.

"Boys weren't scared of rats!", she thought as she walked in and saw his face for the first time.

"Wow...He is gorgeous." was Usha's first thought. With shining, coal black hair cut in such a way as to leave his hair wavy, he had the most soulful eyes that she had seen. He was now calm and sat watching her with interest.

The meeting went well but Usha and Ravi hardly got a chance to talk which led him asking her parents for a separate meeting for just the two of them. After much deliberation, they were given permission to meet in a nearby mall the next day.

Usha slept badly that night. She was conflicted. While at first, Ravi had seemed like a sissy but then afterwards he had seemed intelligent, balanced and very loving when he had talked to her parents and answered all their questions patiently. It was like he was two different people. One was the childlike Ravi, sacred of rats and the other was the intelligent and alpha like Ravi who commanded and enchanted with his presence.

The next day came bright and sunny. Ravi was excited and nervous too. He didnt know if Usha liked him but he definitely had fallen hard. She was even more appealing in person. As if the external beauty was not enough, she was sensible, intelligent and even more beautiful inside. Her charming smiles and the care she had shown towards his mother when she wasn't able to stand up because of her arthritis had touched his heart. He was convinced that she was the right girl for him.

He was ready in a jiffy and whistled all the way to the mall. After parking in the nearest empty slot, he had just started crossing the road that he saw Usha coming from the other side. They waved to each other and had just started towards each other when Ravi was horrified to see a bull come out of nowhere charging towards Usha. He shouted to her to move back but his voice was lost in all the traffic. 

Running furiously towards her, he almost came under a car but it didnt matter. He had to save her. He had to. 

Usha didnt know what happened. One moment they were waving and the next Ravi was gesturing and shouting something as he ran towards her. SHe could not make out what he said but she stopped and then all hell broke loose.

Someone shouted then their was a cry of agony as she was thrown aside and fainted. When she regained consciousness, she was in a hospital.

"What happened?" Usha looked towards her parents who stood around her bed with worried expressions.

"Oh Beti! Ravi is hurt." Her mother was sniffling as she told her this.

"What? Why? How?" She didn't know what had happened.

"You were almost attacked by a crazy bull and Ravi jumped between it and you to stop it. While he managed to push you aside, he was hit in the stomach and has serious injury. He is unconscious and will have to undergo surgery." Her father told her.

Usha was devastated to hear this news. Why had Ravi done that? Why had he jeopardized his life for her?

It was a week before she was allowed to meet him. She hesitated at the door to his room when Ravi spoke, "Wont you come inside? How are you?"

He looked pale, weak and had hollows around his eyes. Even his silky hair looked limp.

Usha felt a sudden tenderness towards this man who had risked his life for her. Gone was the boy who was scared of even baby rats, this was a man ready to risk his life to save people, even strangers like her.

"I am fine. How are you?" She asked him as she moved to stand beside his bed.

"I have been better." Ravi smiled as his eyes appraised her from top to bottom.

"Why did you risk your life like this? You could have died." 

"But I didn't. Did I?" Ravi smiled.

"Why?" Usha needed to know. The urgency to know was suddenly too much.

"Because I LOVE YOU." He murmured and tried to take her hand but with all the bandages was unable to do so.

Usha was speechless for a few seconds before she spoke.

"I Love you too and you are crazy, going about risking your life like this." She rebuked him while also smiling with tear filled eyes.

Life was suddenly more sunny and she knew who had brought that sunshine in her life. It was this man lying weak in a hospital bed, wrapped in bandages but still more concerned about her welfare than his own.

"You know, I have to show you something." Ravi's voice broke her reverie. He was smiling with a mischievous glint in his eyes.


"Oh nothing, it's just a video someone took of our little accident and one of my most daring but also most embarrassing moments in life."

"Oh." Usha didn't know what to say.

Ravi gestured towards his mobile lying on the side table and asked her to watch the video. She started the video and was soon in tears, feeling the horror of the bull charging her but then suddenly things changed. She fell down and then there was Ravi, heavily bleeding shouting to her to stay alive and proclaiming his love to her again and again.

"I Love you. I love you. Please don't die. I will cherish you forever. I will have courage and never jump on seeing a rat..." He blubbered while also shouting for help in the middle of his love proclamation making Usha smile and then laugh watching him but she soon sobered when she saw that he had been bleeding heavily.

"Who brought us to the hospital?" She asked giving him the mobile back.

"Some helpful people. They were very considerate. I was almost half unconscious due to the loss of blood and half hysterical dreading that you had died. I guess I am a complete sissy." 

"No, you are not! You are the bravest man I have ever met. You faced a big and dangerous bull for me. I love you so much. Please get better." Usha was crying by now and even Ravi had tears in his eyes.

There love story had started unconventionally but he knew he would do anything to make it a lasting one because true love was rare and worth fighting for. Even when it meant facing a bull or your worst fear of facing a rat! :)

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  1. Nice and unexpected story ... narration is just awesome.

  2. Thanks for your kind words, Mrinal :)

  3. What a beautiful story! Love it Nikita.


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