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No Fikar, Chat Quikr with #QuikrNXT

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I have experienced the awesomeness of Quikr first hand. My new phone is testimony to that but when I heard of Quikr NXT which is the next step to buying and selling from Quikr, I was ecstatic. With the new chat feature introduced in Quikr NXT, shopping on Quikr will become more convenient, easy and safe.

While Quikr was already a great platform for buying and selling stuff, I am happy that they have introduced the chat feature. With this messenger service, now all the fake calls will end. It will also act as a business booster because now we don’t have to think about calling some stranger and of feeling awkward while doing so. I don’t have to deliberate if it is the right time to call the buyer or seller and no longer do I have to keep track of what I said and what was promised. I also have the option of deciding the time to talk to the buyer or seller. We can chat anytime and can respond whenever we are free without having the tension of replying to him right at the time of the call.

I prefer chat over phone call any day because of the following reasons:

1) My mobile number is protected.

With the chat feature, now I can protect my number from going into the wrong hands. I can chat with the buyer or seller without having to share my contact number with them. With the ease of the messenger which is available for mobile as well as desktop, I can safely bid adieu to the fake calls and also check the validity of the seller without having to share any crucial contact information with him.

2) Convenience

I can check, send and share the pictures of the product and chat with the seller. All this is possible absolutely free with the chat feature and I don’t have to shell out money to call the seller again and again.

Also I have a chat history with all the conversation recorded and so I don’t have to stress myself to remember what I had said and what was promised. I have the proof right here in the form of the chat history which has all our conversations recorded!

Often times we are not free to respond to the phone calls of the buyer or the seller but with the chat option, now I can respond at my convenience without having to take tension if it is the right time to call!

3) Chat and chat till I am satisfied.

With phone calls, we are often thinking if we should call again and whether it would be right to disturb the other person again. We often hang back from calling and so are often dissatisfied with the real product when we see it but with chat, I can chat and chat until I am satisfied. We can share real time pictures of the product and clarify all my doubts without thinking that I am imposing on the seller!

Quikr NXT gets two thumps up from me and I am so happy that Quikr came up with this feature. I am sure it is going to take this platform to new heights.

Now “No fikar, chat Quikr!” with Quikr NXT and enjoy shopping!

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