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#ChooseToStart with Moto E (2nd Gen) ~Cool features at a very affordable price!


I still remember my first smartphone and the happiness I had felt the first time that I held it in my hand. Smartphones have come a long way since then as have I. I have changed so many smartphones since then but that first experience is special and will always remain in my heart.

Coincidentally, my first smartphone was a Motorola phone and so when I heard about the new Moto E (2nd Gen) which has released just at the right time, I was ecstatic. My current phone fell and broke and so I had been on the lookout for a new one and behold! I came across the all new Moto E (2nd Gen)!

Now you will ask me what's so special about this phone? 

1) Well, for starters it is a Motorola phone and as we know Motorola is a trusted and branded company. 

2) Next, is the price factor. It is a budget offering at just 6,999 Rupees! Easy on the pocket, this factor made my eyes shine extra bright! :)

3) Style- It is stylish and classy. It instantly attracted my eye when I was searching for phones under 10,000 rupees. It comes in two colours-Black and White and also has a very quality feel when in your hand. Its quality feel and also the new option to customize it by changing the side bands, letting you choose a different look for each day, sets it apart from any other smartphone available at this price. Cool, isn't it!

4) Screen Size- It has a screen size of 4.5 inch and is a qHD screen which is just the right size for my hand. Neither too big nor too small.

5) Processor- I want a smartphone which does not lag and is able to handle my simple chatting, some gaming and a few app using habits easily with the ability to multitask. Here Moto E (2nd Gen) again comes out a champion. It has a 1.2GHz Quadcore Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 processor and 1 GB RAM which is splendid at this price range and I am sure well capable of giving me a smooth, lag free experience with no-tension multitasking allowed. With this new Moto E smartphone, I can stream videos, play games, chat and listen to music while also be on the internet anytime and anywhere effortlessly!

6) Storage- The new Moto E has 8 GB ROM internal memory which is expandable upto 32 GB via SD card. 

7) It uses a micro SD card.

8) Camera- The previous Moto E didn't have a front camera which is rectified in this new Moto E which has a VGA front camera. Now we can take selfies anytime and anywhere! It also features a 5 MP back camera for a better photo experience.

9) Operating System- The new Moto E (2nd Gen) comes with Android 5 (Lollipop) version of android.

10) Last but certainly not the least come "The Moto Experiences in the new Moto E (2nd Gen)". Motorola has finally made the cool Moto Experiences available in their new Moto E (2nd Gen) phone. Usually, made available only in their high-end models, these new features are a happy new addition.

These new Moto Experiences include 

a) "Quick Capture" where we can activate the camera by just twisting our wrists twice.
b) "Moto Display"- Just nudge your Moto E and all the notifications will instantly come on the screen.
c) "Moto Migrate" to quickly and easily transfer contacts, photos and videos to my new phone.

All these super cool features which usually come in smartphones much more expensive than the Moto E, make this smartphone a must-checkout phone in its category. After all, where will we get such admirable features at such affordable price of just Rupees 6,999?

So, with the new Moto E (2nd Gen) I #ChooseToStart my journey of using and enjoying the cool features like "Quick Capture", "Moto Display", customization of the side bands, blogging on the go etc. at a very pocket friendly price! :)

Checkout more about Moto E (2nd Gen) here: http://www.startwithmotoe.com/

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