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I am a bit late in posting this but here it is. Checkout these very interesting books that I grabbed and enjoy! :)
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Steampunk comes to Bollywood! Now this book has me all intrigued and the reviews are most promising. Grabbed it and will start on it. I want to see how Bollywood is showcased and ofcourse enjoy the story! :)

Second book in The Dharian Affairs again sounds very intriguing and have grabbed it. Check it out and grab it! :)

The third and last book in The Dharian Series, promises excitement, romance and adventure with the Bollywood flair! :)

Grabbed my copy of this romance series with great reviews. Happy to have it on my kindle! :)
FREE {Complete Boxset}

Today's Release
Loved the book and recommend it to everyone! :)
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Currently reading it and loving it. A wounded heroine in an abusive relationship is saved by our hero who has been in love with her for ever but can they have a HEA?

Charlie knows that he has found the "ONE" when he sees Pearl but does she feel the same?
Looks very intriguing and has some great reviews! :)

Looks interesting. Are soul mates real? Does true love exist?

Today's Release
New addition to the bestselling Montgomery brothers series! :)

Releasing Tomorrow
A tour guide in Sri Lanka falls for the mysterious tourist from Ireland. Secrets will be revealed and love will be tested. Will they have a HEA?
Amazon US | Amazon IN
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