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Finding happiness in small things ~#Iamhappy

In today's hectic, chaotic and ambitious life, finding happiness is a quest. Everyone has their own way of finding happiness. Some find it in buying expensive stuff, some find it in the company of their loved ones and some find it by serving the society.

If I talk of myself, I try to remain happy and find happiness any and everywhere whether it be from hearing the sweet chirping of birds every morning as I wake up or from feeding my creative talents by writing on any and all topics on my blog.

Happiness can be found even in the smallest of things but only if we are willing to be happy. I have seen people always cribbing about their life, always crying over the past; ignorant of all the happiness that can be found around them and in their lives, if only they take a minute to see and feel it!


I don't say that I have never been unhappy, hopeless and never felt the need to complain about all the things that have gone wrong in my life. I have felt all this and more but whenever I feel unhappy, I look around me. There are so many people facing problems more grave than me, unhappiness more gut wrenching than me and living a life more struggle filled than me. Looking at such people instantly makes me count my blessings and while feeling sorry for them also makes me feel better about my life.

Some of the things that bring an instant smile on my face and make me happy are:

1) Shopping for and reading a good book- I love to read and I am happy when I am in a book store shopping for new books or in a library perusing through the book shelves to find a book that interests me and spending time reading a good book accompanied with a hot cup of tea.

2) Waking up each day to the happy and sweet chirping of birds sitting on my windowsill.
My day starts on a happy note when the sweet and excited chirping of birds wakes me. They sit on my windowsill, on the wall and even on the trees surrounding my house. Varied and with their own characteristic chirps, they look like having an important discussion and watching them flit from one place to another, bounding, playing and excitedly chirping is such a peaceful and happy time of my day that I look forward to those moments each morning.

3) Watching the regular homeward journey of the parrot family that flies above my house each evening without fail. Their flight brings me peace and I am again struck by the simplicity of their routines and yet the unmistakable companionship among these parrots who fly together and often sit on the trees near my house, looking as if they are playing together!

4) Trying out new recipes in my kitchen, feeding my family and watching them enjoy.
I love to cook and trying out new recipes in my kitchen is such fun. My family enjoys eating. We are foodies and so any new dish is sure to make me and my family happy. Watching them appreciating, giving their suggestions for improvement and the general happy and enjoyable banter makes me very happy.

5) Dreaming stories in my mind and hoping to create a novel out of them.
I am a hopeless dreamer. I dream all kinds of scenarios in my mind and think up stories. Maybe someday one of them will expand from being a short story on this blog to being a full-fledged novel capable of publication. I have my fingers crossed! :)

6) Listening to music.
Music elicits so many emotions from us. It can be soothing, heart thumping, sad and happy. I like to relax while listening to my favourite songs each day which is sure to leave me feeling content, relaxed, peaceful and happy!

7) Going out on a date with my husband.
Going out and enjoying with my husband is something that instantly perks me up. Spending a memorable evening with him and feeling loved is a definite happiness booster for me.

8) Getting breakfast served in bed by my husband on the weekends.
Feeling cherished, spoiled and loved by getting breakfast in bed by the man I love is something that always makes me feel blessed at having found such a loving man in my life and feel happy. 

9) Having the freedom to follow my heart.

10) Knowing that my family loves me and will support me in all my decisions.

11) Gardening and watching new flowers bloom on the plants that I planted.

12) Getting surprises from friends and family.

13) Getting appreciated for my work.

14) Watching someone smile and knowing that you are the reason for their happiness.
Even a simple "Namaste" wished to someone you know, a simple food offering to your maid or a kind smile to the garbage picker boy can have a magnetic effect of making you happy. Knowing that I brought a smile to someone's face is enough to keep me smiling and feeling happy all day.

There are so many things that bring happiness to me and can bring happiness to everyone because, at the end of the day, we are responsible for our own happiness. I am feeling satisfied and very happy while I write this post and know that if not hundreds but only if one person gets a smile on his/her face after reading my post then that is another reason why I can be happy!

What about you?
What makes you happy?

Happiness is everywhere and you can also be happy but only if you are willing to be so!

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