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#ProductReview--> Maybelline Colossal Kajal (Black)

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If I am asked what are the top fashion products I always carry with me, my answer would definitely include my favourite Kajal : The Colossal Kajal from Maybelline!

Seeing how much I like this product, I thought of sharing my experience with you in the form of a review!

Maybelline's Colossal Kajal comes in an eye catching, bright yellow pack. Claiming a smudge free experience of upto twelve hours, this kajal caught my eye a few years back when I had been on a lookout for a kajal which would not smudge easily.  I sweat easily and so when buying eye makeup, I try to opt for products that apart from being safe are also able to stay on for atleast a few hours.

I got this and so much more when I bought Maybelline's Colossal Kajal. This kajal is

1) a rich black colour which instantly highlights the eyes leaving them looking beautiful.

2) smudge proof and water resistant and stays put for atleast 8 hours as tested by me. No need to touch up and re-apply!

3) safe for our eyes and causes no irritation and infection which I can vouch for since I have sensitive eyes and have faced no issues with this product on this front.

4) comes in a trendy retractable stick. No sharpening is required for the kajal. However, you need to be careful with the stick and not roll out too much while applying the kajal as this can cause the stick to break.

5) a combination of 5 nourishing ingredients which include Vitamin E which soothes and nourishes our eyes.

6) priced moderately and is definitely a steal at this price.

Final Verdict: I love this product and will definitely re-buy it. Recommended to everyone.

~Buying Links~
Amazon India {Rs. 169, Reg. Rs. 199}
Flipkart {Rs. 169, Reg. Rs. 199}

Until Later!

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