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Return of my optimism ~ #lookup

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Being optimistic is an art and we take optimism from small-small events in our daily lives. I wont say that I have never felt low and discouraged. I have felt all this and more but being pessimistic doesn't help and this was a lesson I learnt from my parents who are always smiling despite the challenges, let downs and difficulties they may face. I take hope from watching the people around me strive on to realize their dreams, the simple pleasures that bring a smile to their faces and the love and care they give each other especially when the times are trying. Reading inspirational stories that talk about people who braved everything to reach their destination is also another way I bring optimism in my life. 

But sometimes all this fails and it is then that I need the support from my loved ones like it happened that day when I was almost on the brink of pessimism and ready to give up on a dream that had been my motivation to work hard ever since my marriage.

I and my husband have been dreaming about buying our own house ever since our marriage four years ago but every time we like a house, the price has us taking a few steps back. After searching for years and still finding our budget lacking, we had started losing hope of ever being able to buy our own home.

With the disheartening realization that we would never be able to afford a decent sized house with our salaries, we were starting to feel very pessimistic and sad until the day my parents came to visit me. I greeted my parents and eventually, we sat down to chat and the topic of house hunting came up.

"I will never be able to buy my own house. I will never be able to earn enough."

 I wailed and went ahead pointing out all the houses I had seen and the ridiculously high prices that had been quoted to me. With no guarantee to keep with the bank to seek a loan, I told them how hopeless I had started feeling and unashamedly cried my eyes out while they sat stunned at my sudden outburst.

My mother patted my head while my father came to sit beside me on the other side and when I subsided with my crying, said, "You will have a house one day. Getting disheartened doesn't help."

My mother spoke up then, "How do you think we bought our home? We also struggled. Your father was just starting out with his job when we got married and within a year we had you. His salary just barely covered our expenses but still we had dreams of owing our own home one day. At that time, the maximum loan that your father could get due to his job with the bank was just a lakh rupees."

"How did you manage to buy a house then?" I asked. My interest had been evoked by now and I wanted to hear how my parents had managed to give me the house where I had grown up and which held a special place in my heart.

"You mother was always optimistic that we would own a house of our own while I always was doubtful if I could manage fulfilling the family's requirements and also pay the loan back with my meager salary if I bought a house. Despite my reservations, when we heard about the new LDA houses launched in Lucknow, your mother managed to convince me to invest in that and the rest is history. As you know, we bought the house that you have lived in all through your childhood."

My father rubbed my hands while he smiled with love in his eyes for his wife.

"Don't think that buying the house was easy for us. It was full of sacrifices, challenges and difficulties and sometimes we regretted our decision to invest everything that we had and more in that house but when we shifted there and saw your excitement and happiness, that was award enough for us to know that we had made the right decision." My mother told me.

"I am so proud you." I cried as I hugged them.

"Did I tell you that you mother even had to pawn her jewellery because we had no money to pay your school fees or buy even the groceries for one time. It was a very hard time and it will be for you too but never give up. Stay strong. Plan properly and you will also have your own home one day."

"Thank you, Papa. Thank you, Ma. You are right. I was stupid to be so pessimistic. Wait till I tell all this to N." I smiled feeling a new hope and optimism. Suddenly I could see all the options I could explore when buying a house.

Seeing their apparent love for each other and the good feeling I was getting, I was happy that they came to visit. Life was suddenly more colourful and the future more promising. This is the power of optimism. It gives us a motivation to be happy, dream and strive towards realizing those dreams.

Now, I am more confident, more optimistic and more patient with my dream of owning a home of my own. With time and careful planning, I will realize this dream but for now, I am happy that my parents stopped me from throwing away this dream while in the throes of negativity. 

I have pledged never to back to being negative and always seek optimism in my life. :)

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