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#StartANewLife ~Dare to take a risk!

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Starting something new in your life is never easy. We are full of trepidation, uncertainty and often doubt our capabilities. I, too, faced such a situation when I decided to leave my lucrative IT job to give more time to writing and pursuing my dream of becoming a published writer.

Everyone including my friends and family felt that I was making a big mistake. After all, writing could be done part time but I knew that I would never get time to pursue this dream of mine if I continued my IT job. Long hours in the office with additional responsibilities following me even at home, I never got the time to sit down and write anything. Year after year went by with no change in my schedule. I was only getting more and more busy with each passing day. So at last, I decided to give up my paying job to go chase a dream that would not pay me as high as my job but would give me a satisfaction that my current occupation had never given me. It was also a possibility that I would never earn anything from writing but still this was something I wanted to do.

Amidst all kinds of objections and forecasts about regretting my decision in the future, I sent in my resignation and was finally free to sit down and get lost in a fictional world that had always attracted me but wasn't guaranteed to give me any monetary outputs anytime soon.

I started writing each day. Initially it was just a page per day with no clear inspiration coming to me but then slowly I started getting back the artistic creativity that I had feared was lost forever. After a few weeks, I was happy to see that now I could write a small story without much difficulty. My days were free of the incessant phone calls, the cranky emails and the unrealistic deadlines that had overshadowed my life for so long.

The real opportunity to test myself came a few months later when I was contacted by a bloggers forum and invited to join them. They had weekly chats on writing and guidance was provided for aspiring authors. I joined the forum and it has been the best decision that I took. I am currently halfway through my first book and hope to get published soon. Seeing myself among my favourite authors is a dream that I have seen for so long. Maybe some day I will make it a reality but for now I have initiated my journey and this is a journey that has given me the satisfaction, if not the money, that I have been craving all my life.

I have taken a chance and taken steps to start  a new life and I am so happy that I dared to do so. 
Have you ever defied the norms to #StartANewLife?

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  1. Good luck with your book. It's a terrific feeling to type 'The End'. :)


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