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Style quotient at the Cricket World Cup!

Cricket started out simply, with main focus on the game and its scope for improvement. But as the years went by, this "Gentlemen's Game" has seen many changes and one among these changes is the style quotient which has made its place into the hearts of the cricketers as well as the fans.

World Cup which comes only once every four years is an event every fan waits for with baited breath. I still remember those days when I used to feign illness so that I could stay home and watch the World Cup matches. Watching my cricket idols strike sixes and fours was something I didn't want to miss at any cost! At every six from Sachin or a pacer from Srinath or a spin from Kumble, it felt like all my lies for staying home had been justified!

The Cricket World Cup is still an integral part of Cricket and experiencing it every four years is still as breathtaking as before but somewhere the game and the players have embraced new changes and one change among the many is the introduction of fashion consciousness in the players.

Our beloved Cricketers have become more stylish now. Along with their sessions trying to sharpen their cricket skills, they are also spending more time grooming their looks, following the latest fashion trends and hitting the gym to build a toned and lean body.

Let's check out some of the fashion trends adopted and popularized by the players and their impact on the game and the fans.

1) Hairstyle Wars

Trendy and out-of-the-box hairstyles are a rage nowadays whether it be Dhoni with his quirky and yet trendsetting hairstyles that made many of his male fans to follow suit and his female fans to swoon or Virat's oomph creating hairstyles!

Dhoni is known for his creative yet trendy new looks which are sure to set new fashion trends. Apart from being a true fashion icon, Dhoni is a talented cricketer and a history-creating captain for the Indian team. He has successfully proved that having style and fashion is in no way a hurdle to playing well!

Virats's latest hairstyle has created a stir during this World Cup but the other Cricketers are not far behind. South African all-rounder Wayne Parnell's new look is giving Virat tough competition!
These two are again players that millions follow and not only for their fashion sense but also their cricketing skills.

Lasith Malinga created quite a stir with his golden streaked hair. This bowler is not only known for his wonderful and wicket-taking bowling but also for his hairdos.

These are only some of the cricketers that have embraced new hairstyles and given their fans new trends to adopt and show their support to their idols. If we go deeper then the count is endless and this World Cup is sure to give us some cool new hair styling ideas! :)

2) Beards are in fashion!

Apart from creative hairstyles, creative beard styles are also quite famous among the cricketers, today and they are not afraid to sport some very interesting beards. Gone are the days when sporting a beard could lead to be asked to walk off the field and scrub your face clean!

Now right from full grown, bushy ones to neatly trimmed and styled ones, cricket fans are witnessing all types of beards being sported by their idols.

Dilshan is known to experiment with his beard and as shown above, is currently sporting a style that is both unique and quite eye catching. He is not only a memorable cricketer with thousands of fans but also leaves quite an impact because of his fashion sense!

Virat has given up his clean-shaved good boy look to embrace the rugged, bearded look with a hairstyle that looks inspired from the football world. With a well built body, sporting tattoos, beards, new hairstyles and combined with his inspiring and match winning performances on the field, Virat represents the next-gen cricketer and is a favourite fashion and cricket icon for youngsters.

Chris Gayle's explosive batting is now complemented with his hair and beard, giving him a look that makes him the complete package with fashion and talent wrapped nicely together!

Several other famous and very talented cricketers like Daniel Vettori, Amla, Ravender Jadeja etc. are also sporting beards without fear of ruining their image because they, too, know that beards are the new style statement!

3) Craze for a tattooed, lean and well-built body 

Gone are the days when cricketers were only concerned about their fitness. Today apart from maintaining a fitness level, having a lean and mean body is also in fashion. Players are not shy to hit the gym, go on diet and sweat to get that perfect shape with six or eight pac abs. Tattoos on their well built bodies is also another in-trend statement that is being diligently followed by many of the cricketers like Keven Pietersen, Mitchell Johnson, Virat Kohli, Michael Clarke, Dale Steyn etc.
The players are not only honing their skills but also their looks which has definitely added more style and glamour to the game of Cricket!

Mitchell Johnson is not only good at cricket but also takes good care of his body. Sporting unique tattoos on his body, he is religiously followed by his fans in his fashion pursuits as well as idolized for his playing skills.

Kevin Pieterson is not only dangerous on the Cricket field but he is also dangerous for the hearts of his fans. With a swoon worthy body that he is known to maintain with rigorous workouts in the gym, his tattoos also create havoc in the hearts of the female fans. He has successfully merged fashion with Cricket and in doing so, has not lost his edge on the field which is very admirable!

Michael Clarke sports an Arabic tattoo on his left hand and is not only fashion conscious but also a very talented cricketer, we love watching play!

4) Fashionable and eye-catching jersies

Cricket jersies have come a long way from the monochrome to the eye-catching designs and bright colours. Today, the jersies are especially designed to give the players the optimum comfort and suit the weather conditions of the place where the matches are going to be held. The designing, colours and patterns have come a long way from the simple, muted jersies to the present stylish, scientifically designed and attractive ones.

The 2015 World Cup jersey for the Indian Team is especially designed to regulate the body temperature of the players and thus, make them comfortable to give their best on the field!

The 1983 Cricket team had the above simple uniform. The style quotient which is likely to be taken for granted, now, was missing then.

Apart from the above mentioned points, players have more exposure in the present times with multiple sponsors, ad campaigns, modelling assignments and guest appearances which requires them to be fashionable and stylish. Loving the limelight and the glamour, the new style quotient in the players has brought them closer to their fans and made us feel like we are friends by adopting the same hair styles and wear the same clothes as our favourite players!

The above magazine cover showcasing Dhoni in his fashionable avatar is proof of the growing style awareness in the players.

The increased awareness of Internet has also helped move along the fashion bandwagon and also bridge the gap between players and their fans. We can follow them on Twitter or Instagram, keep a close look on their lives and feel connected. Participating in conversations with the players and commenting on their photos is also possible because the cricketers are posting their new pictures each day and are happy to connect with their fans, readily showcasing their latest looks!

Reading the above interactive tweets we can see how the players are making the fans a part of their lives and making them feel cherished.

Our cricket role models are now also our style icons and I am so happy about this change!

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  1. Ah, cricket. Love it especially the pic of Michell Johnson. :)

  2. I love cricket and yeah, the cricketers have become more appealing now! ;)


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