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#together we braved the problem!

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I had finished college and was ready to start my professional life in a new location and in a company that I had dreamed of joining all my life.

The first few months in the company went by happily in a blur and then another happy turn came in my life in the form of a marriage proposal from a man I had been best friends with all through college. I was on cloud nine and could not believe my luck. Everything was panning out just the way I had dreamed. I was working in my dream company, at a cherished position and was getting married to my best friend and a boy I had cared about and loved for so long.

I felt invincible and the luckiest person alive. No one and nothing could damper my spirits but then suddenly everything went south. 

It was the monsoon of 2010. I was working on a client report when I was called by my manager and informed that I had been transferred to Chennai. I could not believe my ears.

"Chennai?" I asked again.

"Yes. You have to report to the Chennai office by Wednesday." He informed me as passionately as an automaton.

"But sir, I am getting married in a month and my husband works here. Moving to another city would be a problem for me. I request you to reconsider." I almost begged him, trying to make him understand my situation but he remained sitting emotionless.

"I cant do anything about it. You have to report by Wednesday so I would suggest that you take an early leave and prepare to relocate.You will be provided the travel expenses by the company."

He told me and went back to work, effectively letting me know that the meeting was over.

I could not believe that this was happening to me. Feeling dazed, I went back to my seat and sat down. I could not call my fiance since he had an important meeting that day and I didn't want to worry him. I don't know how long I kept sitting doing nothing. I was jerked out of my reverie when someone placed a hand on my shoulder. Looking up, I saw that it was my friend Priya.

"What happened?" She asked after she saw my worried and shocked face.

"I have been transferred to Chennai." I told her as tears sprung in my eyes.

"What?" Now it was Priya's turn to get shocked.

"Wait. You are going to Chennai?" She asked again and I could only nod.

"But what about your marriage and have you talked to your family and fiance?" She hurled questions at me but I had no answers to give her.

Suddenly unable to stop my tears any longer I started sobbing, not caring who saw or heard me.

"Shhh..Don't cry. We will sort this out. Come let's go to the cafeteria and you can tell me all about it." Priya soothed me as she pulled me to a standing position and was soon leading me towards the cafeteria.

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Once we were seated at a corner table, I told her about my meeting with my manager and his robotic answers to my request.

"Hmm...This is not done. You should request the project manager in Chennai and see what he has to say." She told me.

"What is the use? He will also give me the same robotic answers as this one gave." I replied with vehemence feeling furious with my manager and his lack of feeling towards my request.

I also felt betrayed. I had worked long hours and unquestioningly dedicated even my weekends to work, even when I knew that I was not getting paid for the extra hours and the weekends. So getting some support in return was the least that I was asking and my manager could not even give that to me!

I knew it was no use pleading with anyone but Priya didn't agree with me and after a cup of tea, we went back and she had me type a formal email to the manager in Chennai. I didn't have much hope but still I sent him the email. 

After a few hours, I got a reply in which he asked me to send him my wedding invitation as proof of my marriage and promised to look into the matter. I could not contain my joy and ran to tell my friend. By the end of the day, my transfer was withheld and I was assigned a different project under a different manager. 

The realization that it had been my friend's support that helped me, had me cherishing the friendship I had formed with her even more. It was because of her that #together we braved the problem and my life was again peaceful. I got married soon and I and my husband stayed in one city, happy with our work and our new life. 

This start to my new life had not been possible if Priya had not had that chat with me that day. It was due to her that I learned to #lookup with optimism and appreciate the power of being #together, no matter what!

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