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#AtoZChallenge : Q for QUEEN MARLENA

This is my first time participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge and I am so excited!
My blog posts all through April will follow the theme: "My favourite Indian comics/cartoon characters."


Queen Marlena is Queen of Eternia and mother of the twins Prince Adam (He-Man) and Princess Adora. I loved her quiet strength. She is both wise and elegant. Both a great mother and a great Queen, she gave her son wise bits of knowledge and also supported her husband in running the kingdom successfully. Beautiful, sophisticated, a good mother and wife and a personality commanding strength, I always wished to one day become as intelligent and beautiful as her! :)

Published in India by a few well known comics magazines, I had the pleasure to spending a great many years in her company both on paper and on TV through the well known cartoon series of He-Man.

Come back to checkout my favourite Indian cartoon/comics character whose name starts with R!

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