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#AtoZChallenge : S for SHRIMATIJI and SUPPANDI

This is my first time participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge and I am so excited!
My blog posts all through April will follow the theme: "My favourite Indian comics/cartoon characters."

The oldest character created by the master cartoonist, Pran Kumar Sharma in 1968, Shrimatiji is a middle class woman in thirties, who has a husband and two children. Like his other comic characters, this one targets the Indian women, who want to attend Kitty parties and beauty parlours. Shrimatiji alias Sheila is always taking a jibe at her husband, Kishore and believes in enjoying life as it comes her way.


I love Shrimatiji's light banter with her husband, Kishore. Kishore's sometimes harassed but always devoted-to-his-wife character. The supporting characters who depict the normal Indian neighbours, vendors and office people also add a realistic flavour to this evergreen comics. Never failing to cheer me and make me laugh, Shrimatiji is a character close to my heart. :)

Suppandi is a comic character who appears in Tinkle comics. Suppandi, a village simpleton, is still considered the most famous among the characters appearing in Tinkle. Suppandi made his debut in January, 1983.

Always in trouble because of his simpleton ways and stupidity, his stories are hilarious and teach us a valuable lesson. Guaranteed to make you roll in laughter, I love Suppandi! :)

Come back again to checkout my next favourite Indian cartoon/comics character whose name starts with T!

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  1. Wow. Those are some good old memories. Quite an interesting take on A to Z challenge...


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