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Dil ki Deal


There is nothing more satisfying than making someone happy. There was an incident where I had a chance to bring a smile to a colleague’s face and let me tell you, his smile made my day and I just cant forget that day.

It was his last working day and I had known Prithvi for almost a year and we worked on the same project. He had worked for this company for four years but when his last day came, I was a bit surprised to see that there was no farewell party for him. His contribution in the project had been crucial and so I was expecting a big farewell for him but it didn’t happen.

I could see that Prithvi was deeply hurt by this. None of his team members, his friends and his manager seemed to care that he was leaving. Everything was going about normally. I felt bad for him and thought of doing something for him. This feeling was further cemented when during lunch, he suddenly got misty eyed while telling me about his experiences in the company. This was his first company and he told me, very dear to him. He told me of his passion and dedication towards his work and how he had worked long hours and even sacrificed weekends to work here. Hearing his stories were another sad reminder that people didn’t care. The company he had sacrificed his time and years for, didn’t care.

Determined to atleast try and salvage his remaining last day, I decided to buy him a gift and also asked a friend to accompany me to bring cake and buy the gift. It was almost 4 pm that I was able to buy his gift and get a cake. I and my friend who happened to be from another project, booked the conference room and asked Prithvi to come there on the pretext of getting some help on a problem I was facing in the project. I had also invited my project team mates and the manager but they all had some or the other delivery pending and didn’t seem to care one way or another.

Anyhow, Prithvi, being the hardworking and helping friend that he was, came to help me and was surprised to see the cake. Seeing him surprised and then turning all teary eyed, made me realize how much this small gesture meant to him. We cut the cake, had our pictures taken and when I gifted him the watch I had bought for him, the radiant watery eyed smile spoke volumes about his feelings.
I told him that the watch was a representation of the good times we had shared as friends and that I hoped we stayed friends forever. Later, after we had both recovered from the sadness of his leaving the company. He told me how happy he was and this small gesture on my part, had him smiling and I am sure he will have happy memories of his last day in the company.

We are still friends and regularly chat. I made a lasting friend that day and it was the Dil ki Deal that made his day and mine too! 


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  1. So true Marsha..People can be so harsh sometimes but I earned a true friendship that day and some memorable memories. :)


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