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Movie Review--> Detective Byomkesh Bakshy!


Detective Byomkesh Bakshy! directed by Dibaker Banerjee is based on the famous Detective character, Byomkesh Bakshi created by Saradindu Bandopadhyay. Starring Sushant Singh Rajput, Divya Menon and Anand Tiwari, I was very excited ever since I heard about this movie.

You see, I am a big fan of Byomkesh Bakshi who can also be called the Indian Sherlock Holmes. Possessing great deductive powers and extensive knowledge in various fields, Byomkesh was able to solve even the most impossible looking cases with ease. Ajit is his friend or his Dr. Watson. With this new movie, I had great expectations but while I loved some things about the flick, I also was disappointed in some areas.

The story was publicized as being the first case (called Satyanveshi) of Byomkesh Bakshi whereas in reality, the movie's story is a mix and match of several of Byomkesh's cases like Satyanveshi, Chidiyaghar etc. The characters are also taken from various cases and used in the movie with liberty. The story has its moments of speculation, excitement, intrigue and danger but if you see it from the book's perspective the story lacks the quality that is present in the cases created by Saradindu Bandopadhyay in his books.

Sushant Singh Rajput's acting is admirable and he tries his best to shine as Byomkesh but maybe the character in the movie is written different or the director just wants it to be different from the real Byomkesh, he is nothing like Rajit Kapoor who played Byomkesh Bakshi for a TV series and is still remembered as the best Byomkesh ever to grace the screen. Sushant is sometimes ridiculous, even seeming mad, excitable and too casanova style as compared to the real Byomkesh. If I have to compare this adaptation to another movie adaptation then I would say, the director has done everything that the director of Sherlock Holmes movie did when he adapted the legendary character for his movies.

Just like Robert Downey was too playfully ridiculous to be Sherlock, Sushant is also too bubbly to be Byomkesh. Anand Tiwari as Ajit is again just like Jude Law. Sometimes he overpowers Byomkesh both literally and in terms of his acting. He is strong, a great actor and while not like our Ajit from the TV series or the books, he still had me smiling and sympathizing with him with his confusion, bewilderment and then irritation with Byomkesh.

The villain is also portrayed similar to the infamous Professor Moriarty from Sherlock Holmes and we can be sure to see him again in the future. He is a man most powerful and so devious that despite knowing his identity and his crimes, there is no proof against him. Feared by all, people even speculate him to be immortal. No such character is sketched in the real Byomkesh Bakshi books and so this is simply an old character from a case given a Moriarty spin in the movie.

The best part of the movie is the art and the photography. The sets are so exquisite that they brought the 1940s Calcutta alive in the movie. I felt like I was there, walking and feeling the shift in time and the change in the settings. The beauty, change of colours, textures and the shift in the story are so beautifully portrayed through the photography and art of the sets.

The costumes are also very beautiful and bring the old culture and beauty of daily life in Calcutta to us right here in 2015.

The music is nothing very remarkable and there wasn't a tune that I would associate uniquely with the movie. You will forget the songs and the music once you leave the theater.

All in all, Detective Byomkesh Bakshy! is a one time watch and will be best loved if you don't carry any expectations of it being same as the Byomkesh Bakshi from Saradindu Bandopadhyay's books. 

If you treat this movie as a new story with new characters then the attempt is noteworthy and very enjoyable. I was kept interested and engrossed right till the end with the perfect balance of humour and comedy in the story. The acting is good especially by Neeraj Kabi who plays Dr. Guha. The mystery is spine chilling and the settings most real like. 4 stars to it from me.

I will be sure to checkout the future Byomkesh Bakshy movies and recommend it to all lovers of mystery and suspense. :)

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