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Movie Review--> Fast & Furious 7 ~A memorable One Last Ride!

Fast & Furious 7 was special for me because of two reasons. First, it is the last movie of the Fast & Furious series and second, it is Paul Walker's last movie. Paul died tragically in a car accident in 2013 during the movie break, leaving a huge void in the cast and in the hearts of his fans. This movie which was still in its production stage when he died, is a tribute to this great actor as seen throughout the film with its multiple references to "One Last Ride" and scenes in the graveyard where actors talk of loss, goodbyes and one last adventure together. There is a sadness and a sense of loss present all through the movie which speaks volumes about the place that Paul held in the hearts of his fellow actors who not only became his friends but also brothers. The end is a heartrending adieu to the actor and had me misty eyed and wishing Paul was still alive and well.

Director James Wan of Insidious movie fame has taken up the director's chair in this movie and does an exceptional job of piecing it together while also managing to raise the entertainment bar. Nowhere was it evident that the movie had been cleverly edited for the scenes that were done after Paul's death. The movie entertains and excites with its superbly done stunts with flying cars and dangerous larger-than-life scenes. The acting is as usual memorable and it was great watching all our beloved characters coming to a final point in their lives.

This movie is beautifully stitched with The Fast & the Furious: Tokyo Drift and takes up from its ending. Jason Statham makes his presence felt in the role of a vengeful brother and his fights with Dom are memorable. Dwayne Johnson has a comparatively smaller role in this film but still is no less commanding and heroic. His catchy dialogues bring humour and the thrill of the breathtaking action to come. Ali Fazal of Fukrey fame also makes an appearance in the movie and manages to make us laugh in his very small role. All the actors complement each other and the acting flows fluidly with nowhere to show that all this is acting and not real!

All in all, I loved watching Fast  & Furious 7 and while it was hinted several times in the movie that this may very well be the last movie of the franchise but still I hope that we will get to see another Fast & Furious movie in the future. Go watch this entertaining film which is a fitting tribute to Paul Walker.

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