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When my mother smiled! ~#DilKiDealOnSnapdeal

I still remember the day I bought my mother her first smartphone and from my own salary. It is such a memorable day for me and I can still feel the happiness that I could see in my mother’s eyes when I surprised her with the gift.

It all started when I went home for the holidays. My mother is a simple woman and has always shied away from technology. We had been trying to get her to start using and carrying a mobile with her but she always refused, saying that she didn’t know how to use one and didn’t feel the need for one. We had all tried, time and again and failed with her. However, the first day that I reached home, I saw her in tears. On asking what the matter was. She told me that one of our relatives had called that day and as was usual again rebuked her for not staying in touch. When she told them that she didn’t know how to use a mobile and the landline was dead, they had taunted her by saying that with such a highly educated family, it was shameful that she didn’t share the same brains.

While hearing this made me really angry, I was also devastated to see my mother in tears and decided that I would buy her a new smartphone. The very next day, I went shopping with my brother and bought her the new Moto G smartphone. We kept it on her bedside table and waited for her to see the package.

After about an hour or so, we heard an exclamation from the bedroom and soon, my mother came out with the opened package in her hand and a huge smile on her face
She looked from me to my brother and burst into tears. We were worried that she didn’t like the phone but then she was hugging us and laughing and crying at the same time.

That day was a memorable day for me. My mother decided to embrace the mobile revolution and I got the opportunity to create a little magic in her life. She told us later that our gesture had made her feel special and that she was so proud of us. When my father came home from office, he was also told about our adventures of the day. We had a great time that day with both my parents laughing and smiling and we also got to eat my mother’s special dal makhani in dinner. All in all, it was the dil ki deal that added magic and happiness to our day and made it a special one!

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  1. so true... mothers mean the world, and to see them happy is the bestest! :)


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