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"My mother is special!"
Haven't we all claimed this at one or the other time in our lives?
I know I have.

My mother became my friend, my confidante and my partner in crime ever since I opened my eyes in this world for the first time. She could adapt herself to become someone my own age, in one instant and then instantly grow up to become a strict advocate of discipline teaching me good manners in another instant. We played together, we fought together, we braved all seasons of hardships together and in the end, I became a better person because of my MOM!

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I still remember those scorching summer afternoons when she gave me homemade aam panna as soon as I reached home from school. She used to sit, take off my shoes, help me change and then while I drank her special aam panna, listened patiently to all my adventures of the day at school! 

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She tirelessly works to make my life easy and is always willing to sacrifice her own happiness for my sake. I still remember those days when I had exams. She used to stay awake right beside me so that I didn't feel sleepy seeing everyone asleep around me! She used to give me milk, snacks and even listened to my lessons without even once showing her own tiredness to me.

She stayed up late and then woke up early, before everyone else in the family so she could prepare my lunch box and make my breakfast, thus, enabling me to reach school on time.

The fancy dress competitions in school became enjoyable and memorable occasions due to the beautiful dresses she made for me which also won me many awards. I became my teachers' favourite not only because of my good grades (which were a direct result of all the hardwork my mother did in making me revise my lessons well) but also because of those beautiful and creative handmade bouquets she made for my teachers every year on Teacher's Day.

She was the one who stayed awake all night whenever I was ill and took care of me and still does. She is the one who can chat with me endlessly on any and every topic without getting irritated or even bored enough to tell me that "I talk too much!" like everyone else does. 

She gave me my first cooking lesson and if I am a good cook today, it's all thanks to her!

My love for reading and writing started from that first book that she bought me and that first letter she made me write to God, telling him about my day. All my writing prowess and reading talents are her gifts to me.

Her stress relieving head massages are still my favourite. Capable of and proven to have relieved many head bursting headaches and tensions, I still crave her loving touch and avail of every opportunity to have her give me a magical head massage!

There are so many things that my mother did and still does that make me humble and grateful. My words are insufficient to thank her and not enough to tell you of all the sacrifices she has made for my happiness, all the happy memories she has given me and all the valuable lessons she has taught me but whenever someone praises me I happily tell them that whoever I am today or hope to be, it's all because of my mother, #MYFIRSTEXPERT!

She is a fighter, a loving person, my friend, philosopher and a wise guide. She is one in a billion and I am so proud and grateful to call her my MOM. I am truly blessed to have her in my life because My mother is special!

This post is my entry to the Godrej Expert Rich Crème – #MyFirstExpert story contest.

This post won me the Runner-up Prize in this contest! :)

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