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A letter to my Father!


Dear Papa,

I may not have told you this very often but "I Love You". You have always been that guiding light in my life which has kept me on the right path and prevented me from straying numerous times. Your patience, wisdom and positive outlook towards life lifted me from the dark pit of negativity I was falling into when I could not find my calling after leaving that "lucrative" job. Had you not listened to me rant and rave and then patted my back and told me to buck up and go with my heart even if it meant going into the unknown, I would not be the sane and happy person I am today!

Do you remember those days when all I could think about was my failure to learn how to ride a bicycle? Given the number of helpful neighbours and friends that I had injured while they helped me learn how to cycle, it was your confidence in me and your commitment to take me out each day to try and learn that I was able to ride my first bicycle which then led the way to my first Scooty. Thank you for believing in me when even I had lost that faith in myself.

We have faced the happy times together and then braved the challenging ones. You had my back even through the sad times and this feeling of being cared for has always been my strength. I learned humility from you. Even when you were thrown a curve ball, you always had this belief that “something good is about to happen”. Even when people betrayed your trust and backstabbed you, you always had only good intentions towards them. “Being good and doing good” is something I learned from you.

While I may be living away and we may not meet every day, you are always in my thoughts. Your words of advice when I am confused and even your rebukes when I have done something wrong are the beacons that light my path towards being a good and hardworking person. All the success that I have achieved in my life is because of your sacrifices. While I may have never told you this but I did notice the sacrifices you were making when you had me entered in the best school in the city even when you knew that the fees was way above your paying power and when you took a loan so I could study engineering in a prestigious college. You gave up so much to make me what I am today and I hope I always make you proud.

Thank you for your love and your faith in me. I promise to cherish your love and never do anything that will make you ashamed of me. I love you, Papa.

Your loving daughter,

This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.

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  1. Niharika Modi KhandeliaJune 26, 2015 at 5:35 PM

    I hopped on your blog through blogadda.Thoughts amazingly exhibited!! Loved it.

    You can hop on my blog too. Your feedback will be appreciated.


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