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Book Review--> Tell Me You Love Me by Nimmu

 #BookReview: Tell Me You Love Me by Nimmu
Title and Author: Tell Me You Love Me by Nimmu
No. of Pages: 400
Publication Date: February 2015
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Indie Author, Indian Writing
Language: English

Book Review:
Tell Me You Love Me by Nimmu is the poignant story of true love between two people wanting completely different things in life and how their life changes with their decisions. Do they get their happily-ever-after or do they lose the battle of love due to their decisions in life?

This is the first book by Nimmu that I have read so when I picked up the book, I had no preconceived expectations from the book. The beautiful cover caught my eye and had me stopping to go back and check out the blurb which then sealed the deal.

A story that started simply and even started looking like the stereotype bubbly girl and serious boy falling in love saga, it went conventionally for the first half but then picked up speed and twisted into a story that had me sitting up and furiously wiping my eyes while my glazed eyes stayed glued to each page.

The first half of the book sets the base of the story but is slow and had many grammatical errors like error in tenses and repetitive phrases which sometimes had me getting bored but I am so glad I didn't stop reading because the second half is absolutely soulful and so engaging that it made this book a memorable one for me.

The author's writing style is simple without frills but she needs to work on flow which was hampered by incorrect usage of tenses in this book. The settings, scenarios and emotions are admirably brought out by her and I loved how she got me completely engrossed in what happened next with the protagonists. In the later part of the book, I felt like everything was happening to me and while I feared I had guessed the climax, still I prayed that my guess be wrong. 

I loved Rishab. The only thing I kept wanting to shout out and shake the heroine into listening was to grab him because guys like him came once in a lifetime. He is mature, sincere, a good friend and most of all that selfless and devoted lover, found so rarely in life. He loves Trisha and is willing to give up anything just to see her happy and he does exactly this. He stays true to his promise of waiting for her to come to him when she is successful. I laughed, cried, felt that intense pain of longing and then that deep rooted grief with Rishab. His love for Trisha had me wanting to hug him. He is a good son too and his love for his mother had me wishing for a son just like him.

Trisha has seen her father beat her mother each day and she is determined to leave everything behind and make a happy life with her mother away from her abusive father. Bubbly, happy and determined to make big money, she looks childish but is very sure that she never wants to fall in love. Sometimes I liked Trisha while the other times I just didn't understand her actions. How can someone ignore a love like the one Rishab had for her? She taught me some valuable lessons in this story. It is always better to choose love and affection over inanimate things that give happiness only for a short while.

I was impressed by Rishab's mother who is strong, devoted to her son and independent. Despite getting abused by her husband, she has not lost her confidence and is determined to leave that unhappiness behind, now that her husband is dead. Her affection towards Trisha and her open welcome to Trisha's, battered and barely hanging there, mother had me feeling proud of her.

Trisha's mother stands for the typical Indian woman. She is beaten by her husband whom she loves despite all his abuse and has never even dreamed of standing up to the torture or thought of leaving him. She plays peacemaker and turns a blind eye to facts that are right in front of her because she knows that she has no support from her own family and will not be supported by the society if she leaves her husband. So she is depressed and tries her best to play the dutiful wife, all the while hopeful that her drunkard husband will finally leave his abusive ways and all will be well.

I despised Trisha's father and just didn't understand his motivations for his actions. His remorse is not played out in detail so he is forgotten soon.

The poem in the book is so beautiful and heartfelt that it wets our eyes leaving a yearning for love in our hearts. I could feel the emotions and tears of the writer who had written it like they were my own.

'Tell me you love me...come back into my arms

Tell me you need me too for I am unable to stay strong.

You walked into my life like a gentle breeze

My heart bloomed with love where only anger had held its siege...'

This is just a portion of the beautiful poem that I absolutely loved. The author shows her prowess as a poet in her book, proving that she is multi-talented. Kudos to her. :)

All in all, this is an engaging story of love, devotion and sacrifice not only between a boy and girl but between a mother and her children. Tell Me You Love Me is a book I absolutely loved because of its strong second half which made it a memorable book for me. I recommend it to all romance lovers. 4 out of 5 to it and had the first part been given more pace and made crisper with elimination of the grammar errors, this would have been a 5 star rated book from me.

I liked Nimmu's style and will be checking out her books in the future. Till then you grab this one to read and I guarantee that you'll love it! :)

I received the book from the author and I am very thankful to her. This review was done as a part ofhttp://theindiareadathon.weebly.com/.  The above review is my honest and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced.

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