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Crash Diet vs Honey Diet

Are you trying to loose weight?
Are you on a crash diet?

Then this post is for you.

Crash dieting sounds so sweet. An easy and quick way to loose that extra flab on your tummy or that pouches under your chin but what we don't stop to consider are the side-effects of such diets. Although they make us loose some weight early on, thereby inspiring and enhancing our belief in them but after a while the toll on our body becomes apparent.

Some effects that we can see just after a few days of trying such diets are feeling fatigue and lethargy, loss in concentration, sudden mood swings, low immunity towards diseases and infections, body losing vital nutrients and minerals which can lead to our being anaemic or even worse.

So to keep that vibrant glow on our face and a healthy aura to our body, it is necessary that we eat healthy and exercise each day. By combining these two, we can not only loose weight but also maintain it.


Honey is a great source of nutrients, minerals and it also provides our body with energy. Known to be helpful in loosing and maintaining healthy weight, honey has been used by people since ages. If you are trying to loose weight and stay healthy without compromising then I recommend the Honey which is a diet where we include Honey in our diet. Using Honey in our diet can help us in the following ways:

1) As I said, it helps in managing weight. Add a spoonful of Honey to warm water and drink it every morning on an empty stomach and see the difference yourself!

2) Sugar Substitute: The first thing we are told when we tell anyone that we are trying to loose weight is to avoid sugar. But life without sugar is dull and boring. Now with Honey, we don’t have to avoid drinking those yummy sweet shakes and sharbats or even eat ice cream. Just add Honey to sweeten them and enjoy these drinks without gaining weight!

3) Energy Source: Honey is a great energy source. Even if you haven’t eaten anything and just take one tablespoon of it then you’ll see that you stay energetic without getting hungry! Incorporate Honey and avoid those hunger pangs that attack us when we feel down on our energy levels!

4) Honey also helps improve our digestion. A good digestion leads to good health. So, don’t wait anymore use Honey in your diet!

5) Honey also helps in beautifying our skin and leaves it clean with a natural glow. Use 
Honey in your face packs and see the difference in your beauty!

6) Honey is also used to cure cough and cold. It is a natural immunity booster and helps our body fight the infection. Include Honey in your milk, tea and overall diet and see how you stay strong and illness free.

7) It has no side effects because it is completely natural! Honey is 100% honey without any chemicals so when a natural product is there to benefit us why go for the artificial things.

So what are you waiting for? Go try out the Honey Diet and feel and look that healthy self you have always dreamed about because now the #HoneyDietIsHere!

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