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As is always the case, our character and habits are first built right here from our home and so was the case with me. The habit of reading and writing was inculcated from watching my own family love literature. "Reading is not a hobby but a way of life" is what I was told and saw in my own family.

My Grandfather wrote in 3 languages, Urdu, Hindi and English. His shayari in Urdu had people asking about when he would write another one. The only loss I feel is that he never published them. I don't think that he ever thought about publishing his work. His writing was more of a common place way of living and definitely not a way of earning.  But now that those valuable nuggets of poetry from his hand are lost due to unforeseen circumstances, I feel sorry that I wasn't as conscious about saving them as I am now when I think and regret about the past! Anyhow, he was the first person who motivated me to give more time to books and put pen to paper. He inspired me to follow my dream without worrying about making big money from it. The sultry, lazy afternoons spent watching him write and the high tea with Marie biscuits in his room became the highlights of my childhood days.

My father was the second person who turned me towards books. I saw him write witty and prize winning slogans and the books that he cherished above all else, even money. It was from him, I got the sense of pride I have for my book collection, so much so that sometimes my books are kept safe in my cupboard's safe while the money loiters all over the room! He writes on all kinds of stuff and even when he is busy with the long hours job as a Banker, he has started a blog where he writes articles, stories and share positive thoughts on life. The many writings of his that are on paper are still to be uploaded on the blog but I am happy that I motivated him to start a blog and go digital!
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The next writer who made a lasting impression on my mind was Premchand or Munshi Premchand. A renowned Indian writer who wrote a dozen bestselling novels, over 250 short stories and some essays too. His writing portrayed the life of an average Indian, basing mostly on family problems and ties. A prolific writer, he made me realize that good writing didn't require the gloss and shine of rich surroundings and characters. It just required a solid story and well developed characters even if they were from unknown and too small to be mentioned villages in India!

Pt. Sudarshan's story, Cycle ki Sawari was in my school syllabus and I am so glad that I read it. A story of a common man who thinks he can learn anything but riding a bicycle and his misadventures when he goes about trying to learn are both hilarious and so close to real India that I fell in love with the writer who could bring so much authenticity in a short story of just a few pages and leave a lasting impression on the reader's mind.

Apart from these writers, I also got influenced to write and motivated to become a better person by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who never lost hope and despite being a good doctor when he failed in having a thriving medical practice took up a absolutely unknown and untried task of writing which ultimately made him immortal in the hearts of readers all over the world! I still remember the thrill I felt when I took up a Sherlock Holmes novel for the first time. That was the day and it's today, I have read all of Doyle's works including the lesser known works from this amazing writer.

Agatha Christie was another amazing writer. She lost her husband and was betrayed in love, getting thrown into the deep pits of depression but still managed to stay afloat and find happiness again in her life. Her constant companion throughout her life's ordeals was her writing which not only made her the "Queen of Crime" but also beloved and immortal to all her readers from across the globe!
Christie's life has motivated me to strive for what I believe in even when life is throwing curveballs in your path.


Enid Blyton was another permanent fixture in my childhood. She wrote children's stories no one can ever replace. It was like she herself became a child to wrote those memorable stories of intrigue, adventure and long lasting love, teaching us kids that nothing was impossible when we had good friends with us!

J.K. Rowling's life story had me sitting up and taking notice and again feeling that nothing was impossible if only we believed. She struggled and persevered for years to get her Harry Potter book published and didn't lose hope when she was rejected time and time again. Who would have thought that she would one day become the richest person in UK and her series so famous that it is a common fixture in all children's lives across the globe! I still remember that summer evening my father brought me her books just to revive my mood which was really in the depths of sourness due to my illness.

There are so many writers who have impressed me and are still doing so whether it be Nora Roberts who became the "Queen of Romance" from being an unknown housewife with kids or 

The memorable Common Man created by R.K. Laxman who symbolized the common citizens and was a helpless witness to all corruption in the country.
R.K Laxman who became the voice of the Common Man when he raised his voice through his cartoons against corruption, nepotism and favouritism in India or 

R.K Narayan who gave us books like "Malgudi Days", a series featuring a young boy and his commonplace adventures that became so loved by children all over India and the world or 

Ruskin Bond who is continuing to thrill children and adult readers with his memorable books and characters like Rusty. 

My two favourite stories from Ruskin Bond, autographed by the man himself!

There is inspiration and motivation every where, if only we are willing to see it. Everyday is a new chance to get inspired and I am so blessed to have met so many talented authors and writers that naming only a few is impossible through this blog which just completed 2 years!

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I am participating in the Blog Hop celebrating the International Author's Day on 18th July. This hop is organized by Book Reviews blog and I am so happy to participate and share my love and gratitude to all the amazing authors who provide us with hours of entertainment through their books. Thank you!

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