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Movie Review--> Minions ~Fun, innocent and quite unique!

We saw Minions for the first time in Despicable Me and the world fell in love with them including me. They are yellow, banana lovers and innocent like children. Seeking and taking happiness in even the smallest of gestures, their primary aim in life to serve a villainous boss but their luck is such that every time they think they have found their boss, something bad happens to him/her/it to leave them adrift again. They have had bosses ranging from T-Rex to the Egyptians to even the Yeti but still here they are adrift and still searching for a Villain to serve.

Here in the Minions movie, we are told their story of evolution and their journey of finding their final master, Gru who we saw in Despicable Me. 

The plot of the movie is simple and yet it coaxed laughs, smiles and then huge sighs from me because I was bowled over by the minions and wished I could just take them home!
The movie is loaded with the minion cuteness and their antics had me laughing every other second throughout the film. 

Kevin is the serious one and the leader. Stuart just wants to be a famous musician and Bob is a baby who wants to get applauded and noticed. It was fun watching these three go out in search of a villain to serve. Their adventures as they come across Scarlet Overkill, the best villain of the time and then when she goes against them, how they save each other and also tackle Scarlet's cunning and deadly scientific devices was super fun to watch.

The 3D effects are few and mainly the movie has depth so I think there is little to no difference between the 2D and 3D versions.

All in all, Minions are adorable, funny, childishly innocent and super entertaining and so is the movie featuring them. It's laugh out loud fun, innocent in its scenarios and an entertaining watch. However, if you are looking for complex plots, breathtaking action and a mature movie then this one is not for you. It is made keeping children in mind and to really enjoy it you have to just go simple like you were as kids and soon, you'll find yourself living an adventure with the minions away from your life's problems and feeling like a kid again.

I absolutely loved Kevin, Stuart and Bob in the Minions movie and can re-watch this film again. I hope they make another one soon. Can't wait to meet them again!

After the movie, I just had to go and buy myself a "Happy Meal" with the guitar strumming Stuart as the complimentary toy, so I could atleast take one minion home, if only in the form of a toy. :)

Go watch this movie, even if you don't have kids and enjoy a comedy very different and quite unique from the other movies. Minions movie gets two thumbs up from me!

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