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My tribute to APJ Abdul Kalam~ A visionary, inspiration and a dreamer


A.P.J Abdul Kalam inspired me right from the first time I heard his speech to students on TV. I was young and after having heard speeches, mostly by Politicians who came as Guests in my school to present awards, had formed a rather unimpressive opinion about them. Speeches symbolized hours of boredom to me but hearing this speech was different.

This man was different. He was dynamic, enthusiastic, simple and yet so compelling that he ruled the stage as soon as he got on one. While I never had the good fortune of meeting him in person, I religiously followed his speeches, any new quotes and read everything written by him whether it be books or articles.

Beloved to people all over the world, APJ Abdul Kalam stood for the common man who had faced difficulties, dire challenging situations, been crestfallen, fought against rejections and still persevered to get where he is today. He was born in a poor family and even sold newspapers to support his education. He dreamed of becoming a pilot but he could not clear his physical exam. Despite this, he never lost hope and went ahead to become an Aeronautical Engineer, a Scientist eventually earning the title of the "Missile Man" and then the President of India and an inspiration to millions.

He always said that success and failure will be there in life, and you have to defeat the fear.  

"If four things are followed-having a great aim, acquiring knowledge, hard work and perseverance then anything can be achieved." ~ APJ Abdul Kalam

The news of his sudden and tragic death had me shocked and heartbroken. Visionaries like him are rare and losing him is a huge loss. 

Trying to better the world even in his last moments, he was still interacting with the Young minds when he suddenly collapsed in IIM Shillong and was rushed to the hospital where he took his last breath on 27th July. 

Like he once said,  "Ignited Mind of youth is the most powerful resource on earth, above earth and under the earth." 

He was still igniting minds when he died and will continue to do so even after his death. I pray that his soul rests in peace and hope his golden advises continue inspiring and motivating people always.


A small incident from the life of APJ Abdul Kalam:

Kalam said in 1941: I was 10 years and studying in class-V. Whenever my science teacher Subramanium entered the class he radiated knowledge and purity of life. One day he drew a sketch of a flying bird and explained how bird flies. 'That day I not only learned how birds fly but my aim in life changed- I wanted to fly.'
I was an aeronautical engineer and I tried to be a pilot, but there were only nine seats and I was at the tenth place, I could not clear the physical exam.
"Sometime you don't get what you want."
In 2002 Indian leaders asked me to be president-I said OK. In 2005 when the chief of air staff came up to me I told him about my unfulfilled dream of becoming a pilot. The air chief asked me to go through the training and finally I flew for 30 minutes in April 2007.

The message is "If you dream and aim in life, gain and acquire knowledge and do hard work, defeat the problem then you will succeed," said Kalam.    

"My message, especially to young people is to have courage to think differently, courage to invent, to travel the unexplored path, courage to discover the impossible and to conquer the problems and succeed. These are great qualities that they must work towards. This is my message to the young people."
-Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam


My words are weak and not enough to praise a man like APJ Abdul Kalam but still I try. A man like him comes once in a millennium. RIP Sir. You will be missed!

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