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#ProductReview: Maybelline The Falsies Volum Express Washable Mascara

Love long eye lashes that curl and make the eyes look, oh so appealing?
Are you in search of a mascara that can fulfill your dream above but which also doesn't run down your face at the first drop of water that it faces?

Well, I have the perfect product that not only makes enhances the beauty of our eyes by making the eye lashes look thick, long and curled to perfection but also stays intact without running down all over the face. The product that I am talking about is Maybelline The Falsies Volum Express Washable Mascara!

1) Has a spoon shaped brush that gives the eye lashes volume and a good curl.
2) Its Pro Keratin formula builds volume without clamping the eyelashes.
3) The black colour is a rich black and even with one coat gives the eyes a stunning and richer look.
4) Doesn't smudge easily and so is durable for long periods.
5) The moisture in this mascara is just right so it doesn't dry and keeps the lashes looking supple, longer, curlier and beautiful.
6) Is easily removable with a cotton dipped in either water of makeup remover.
7) Doesn't harm the eyes like causing redness, watering and puffiness and can be easily worn even if you are wearing contact lenses.
8) It is opthalmologist tested.

I think the product is great and could not find any cons.

I loved Maybelline The Falsies Volum Express Washable Mascara and definitely think that it is value-for-money. At just Rs 475, it is a great pick because it gives the eyes that needed oomph and style without affecting them adversely. Go buy and try this mascara today! :)

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