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Green Coffee benefits for health and weight loss! + #ProductReview: Nutrus Green Coffee

We know about the benefits of Green Tea but what is Green Coffee?

In this post, I'll tell you a bit about Green Coffee and also review a Green Coffee product I bought a while back.

Green coffee is natural, unroasted coffee unlike its dark counterpart that we drink which is made from roasted coffee beans. 

According to a study, Green coffee or unroasted coffee contains

-Chlorogenic acid which aids in weight loss,

-it also has some ingredients which aid in improving the digestive system by increasing our metabolism while also regulating the blood sugar level in our body.

-Drinking green coffee regularly also makes us energetic.

-It is rich in antioxidants helpful in keeping our body healthy.

-The caffeine content is also very low in green coffee which increases when the green coffee beans are roasted.

According to a study, drinking Green Coffee regularly on an empty stomach helps in losing weight without any extra dieting required. Claims have been made that almost 2 kgs of weight can be shed in one week!

Now, how much of this is true is yet to be seen by me but one thing I can say, I do feel more energetic and I love the taste of Green Coffee! :)

#ProductReview: Nutrus Green Coffee

Nutrus Green Coffee is an instant green coffee that has separate sachets which contain the coffee powder. This product also contains Probiotics which help in aiding digestion.

One sachet contains 2g of Green Coffee and this whole pack has 20 such sachets and the MRP is INR 200.

Preparing the coffee is easy. Just dissolve one sachet in 120 ml hot or cold water and enjoy your cup of Green Coffee!

This is my first time buying Nutrus Green Coffee and I liked the taste of this coffee, the simplicity of preparing it and the ease it provides by having separate sachets which are easy to carry anywhere with me.

The quality of the product is good which justifies the price tag of INR 200. I liked using this product and will be buying it again!

Buy From: AmazonIN

Have you used Green Coffee? What are your views on its benefits to our health? Do share with me in the comments below.

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