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Surfing it All and Surfing it Fast with UC Browser! #YuviSurfsUC

Cricket is not only a sport but also a way of life in India. The day of a cricket match is a special day for us. But I always dread a match falling on a weekday because then I can't lounge on my sofa and watch it live on my TV. No Sir, I have to go to office. The same dilemmas assail me when I have to run errands and can't make excuses without angering my parents. Uff, they are happy to stay back and watch the match but what about me? why do I always have to go and buy stuff and if I decline, they are ready to use emotional blackmail! So many unseen and unavoidable situations like the above can happen that make taking my 32" TV with me impossible and seeing how I am an avid Cricket buff, I just have to watch the match which gets tricky due to the pathetic Internet browsing speeds that we get. Even a 3G speed shifts to 2G or edge at majority places and the speeds dip so low that even getting the Google to load becomes a Herculean task.

Here the only solace is the UC Browser which is lite, fast and which runs seamlessly even on my slow 2G connection. It surfs so fast as compared to my previous browsers that sometimes I forget that the Internet speed is the same slow one that I had with my previous browsers! I am able to open websites easily and even watch Cricket without the usual slow loading of videos as compared to the previous browsers. The "Webpage cannot be displayed" message that came so easily with the other browsers that were heavier and slower as compared to the UC Browser is also a no show now!

Now, you'll ask what does a web browser have to do with watching Cricket?

Well, the UC Browser is not only a great web browser that works like a charm even on slow Internet speeds but it has also made every Cricket fan's wish for a fast-running-on-slow-Internet-connection Cricket service true by introducing UC Cricket which is a dedicated Cricket service in India that includes not only LIVE scores but also shows the latest News. The major plus is that it runs fluidly on slow Internet connections/speed and we get all the information we want at one place without having to google and then navigate to another Cricket service that maybe heavier and not run as seamlessly as UC Cricket!

Apart from this, we can also watch videos, get updated scores, fixture and results and say goodbye to those days when following our favourite Cricketers as they played was full of frustration and grumbling at the inability of the browser to work properly at slow Internet speeds which is true for majority of the Internet packs that we get in India.

As if all this is not enough, UC Cricket also has a match reminder and an optimized comments section. The Match Reminder notifies us before the start of a match. We can put a match reminder by clicking the yellow bell on the right side of the UC Cricket screen. The comments section is an interactive medium where we can connect with Cricket lovers from all over the globe and share our views and opinions of the match with them. Isn't it cool!

I am so happy to have found the UC Browser and then met its awesome Cricket service UC Cricket. No longer can I be seen declining going outside when there is a Cricket match running because I know that I can "Surf it All! Surf it Fast!" with UC Browser and stay connected with the match anytime and anywhere!

The browser is Free to download on Android, iPhone, PC, Windows Phone, Java and Pad.

Have you used UC Browser and UC Cricket? What are your thoughts on them? Do share with me in the comments.

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