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#Airtel4G ~ The Fastest Internet Network is here!

Tired surfing over slow Internet speeds?
Frustrated with that agonizingly slow loading time of videos from the Internet?
Feel like pulling your hair when you opt for low resolution video streaming just to save the loading time?

Well my friends, all I can say is "Been there. Done that"! But wait, while we are on this topic of Internet speeds, I am so happy to tell you that our speed worries are over. With the launch of Airtel 4G, gone are the days of snail like crawling Internet speeds.

Now enjoy the full 4G experience with unbelievably fast speeds because Airtel 4G truly is the fastest Internet Network Ever!

The first telecom operator in India to rollout 4G services, Airtel is also giving 4G features at 3G rates. Isn't it just cool!

Apart from the pocket friendly prices, getting the Airtel 4G is super easy and just a tweet away. Tweet with #GetAirtel4G and the sim will be delivered to your home for Free!

With Airtel 4G here, I started thinking about things that I can now do easily with these unbelievably fast 4G Internet speeds.

Firstly, I’ll have the ease of using Google Maps with accuracy and fluidity. With my long commute to office, it becomes imperative that I use Google Maps to determine the best and fastest route to my office that has less traffic and preferably no jams but due to my slow Internet, I am unable to check these with accuracy because the maps don’t load properly and by the time they do, the details about traffic and the jam status etc. are changed. Now with 4G, I know this problem of mine will be solved.

Secondly, I’ll be able to sync my work emails and reply to the important ones immediately which will, undoubtedly, increase my work efficiency and maybe, I’ll be able to impress my Boss and get that promotion I deserve!

Thirdly, streaming and watching videos and movies will become less frustrating with the loading time reduced considerably due to the fast 4G speed and I won’t have to compromise on the quality of the video just so, I can get them to load quickly as compared to the high quality ones.

Fourthly, blogging will become easier. I would be able to publish and share my work to different platforms quickly and easily. No more snail speeds that made me give up the sharing for later!

Fifthly, I’ll be able to video chat with my parents and friends without the lagging voice and video problem. Finally, thanks to Airtel 4G, my gift of a webcam to my parents will get the desired use!

Apart from the above, surfing the Internet, my presence on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. will be improved and I won’t have to hear my friends’ complains of never being available there.

Internet has become such an important part of our lives and Airtel 4G is here to solve all our Internet problems. So what are you waiting for?

Go get your own 4G sim and enjoy the fast speeds provided by Airtel 4G!

Read more about Airtel 4G here: http://www.airtel.in/4g/

Do share your thoughts with me. I love hearing from you.

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