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Blogging 101: Top reasons why Bloggers should participate and host Virtual Book Tours!

I became a Blogger when I started this blog back in May 2013. I knew nothing about blogging, only that I loved writing, loved books and wanted a creative outlet. So this blog came into existence.

I started small with a few book reviews and I remember those days when I just wrote and wrote, never expecting anyone to ever stop by and notice my blog, let alone read my posts and comment but then came my first comment and that too from someone sitting as far away as in USA! I was overjoyed, doing a happy dance and then crying. It was the best feeling in the world knowing that someone was reading my reviews and then liking them enough to go buy the book and leave his comment stating how he liked my review. Wow!

Slowly I started liking and craving more attention and then came to know about Virtual Book Tours that provide a large platform to gain exposure while also get to read great books and meet very talented Authors, Bloggers, Publicists and even Publishers.

Blogging is like an addiction and it is also a great way to build your brand and get noticed all over the world without having to venture out of your home.

What is a Virtual Book Tour?

Virtual Book Tours are similar to normal Book Tours and are a great way for the authors to get publicity for their books. The only difference is that in Virtual Book Tours there is no travelling required. These happen online with the author featuring her/his book on multiple blogs through book review, Interviews, Guest Posts, Giveaways etc.

The aim is to promote themselves and their work online over a limited period where many bloggers come together to showcase the books on their blogs and social media. This type of Tours are very beneficial in helping get exposure both for the authors and the participating blogs and because of low expenses involved in organizing such tours, they have become very popular over time as well as proven very beneficial for all parties involved.

Now, the topic for today deals with the reasons why we, Bloggers, should sign up and participate by hosting the Virtual Book Tours?


Reason #1: It is a great way to get exposure for your blog.

Participation in a Tour is a group activity that means that chances of your blog getting noticed are high. When you signup for a Tour, you also bring your blog on the forefront and it's like declaring that "Yeah! I am here and this is my blog. Come drop by sometime!"

Reason #2: It is a great way to meet like minded Bloggers from all over the globe and forge new connections.

Virutal Book Tours are a great way to meet new Bloggers. You also get to know people who share your interests and this can lead to long term friendships and then an increased following. Imagine them returning again just because they know that you read similar genre books as they do and they tell their friends about your blog then these friends also visit.

So if even 10 people connect and they tell their 10 friends then its a minimum increase of 10*10= 100 new people knowing about your blog!

Reason #3: It is a great way to read new books for free and get connected to some very talented National and International Authors.

Imagine getting popular, brand new and varied genre books to read for free! 
Often times, you are the first one to get these books which establishes your blog's importance and your posts on the books automatically get ranked better on Google, attracting the attention of people searching information on the book on the Internet!

Over time, as you establish your credibility you even start getting Advance Reader Copies (ARC) to read which are very limited and given out to a select few before the book gets published and gets available on the market.

Your opinions and reviews will not only help you get new followers but also form lasting bonds with authors who are always seeking honest opinions on their work so they can improve. 

In my experience authors are patient, loving and loyal friends who help bloggers like us get our blog out there and in return, just ask for our cooperation in getting word about their books out!

Reason #4: It is a great way to multiply and increase your social presence.


Suppose you have 100 followers on Twitter and the Tour Organizer has 100 too and your tweet gets retweeted by the Organizer then this means

100*100 =10000 people see your post and get to know about your blog.

This is just one platform. Just imagine if you, the authors, fellow bloggers, publishers get to it with you how many people you can reach in just one Tour!

Reason #5: It is a win-win situation with any publicity is your publicity.

You post for the Author. She promotes her book through your post. The Tour Organizer promotes their Tour containing your blog's post. The publishers again promote their author which means this Tour also gets a mention and in turn you also get mentioned.

This means that even if you don't do anything and just publish the post on your blog, still you are reaching thousands of people with just one post. Cool, isn't it!

And if you also get in the flow and promote your Tour post then imagine how much you'll gain by participating in just one Tour!

So it's basically a win-win situation for the Book Bloggers who get free books, free publicity, new opportunities of further associations and meet some very cool people along the way!

However, a word of caution. This same win-win can turn to a losing situation if you don't post on time, don't honour your commitments and are prove yourself as someone who is unprofessional in his/her approach.

Reason #6: Create a positive impression on Tour Organizers, Authors, Publicists and Publishers so they sing praises about your blog to everyone.

Tour organizers really need bloggers who are dedicated to truly helping the authors, post on time, help promote the author and the book and if due to unforeseen circumstances, aren't able to post on time they still inform the Tour Organizers well before time and prove helpful.

If you are all of the above then my friends, you truly are going to open the doors to fame, popularity and soon gain a huge following apart from creating a strong Brand Name for yourself as a kind, diligent and professional Blogger who is helpful and committed to helping authors and books.

I have seen bloggers create a niche for themselves and become people we look upto just because they have the good word from the authors, publishers, tour organizers and generally everyone.

Publishers, Publicists and Authors also get to know about your preferences which then can lead to further blog engagement from these people who have a wider fan base and a varied followership.

Reason #7: Impress your readers by featuring latest and exclusive content on varied genre books and transform readers from occasional to dedicated followers plus also get new ones!

Readers like Blogs that feature unique content, latest updates, cool giveaways and a compelling mix of novelty with variety. Only posting about already popular books will get you only so far. The real tip is to follow your heart and write about things you love to read.

Feature Giveaways, give a place to new authors on your blog, read variety and write your own content.

Reason #8: Get exclusive invites to Book Events, Promotions and along the way get some cool goodies too.

This point is self explanatory. Kind, Friendly and helpful bloggers are loved by all and once you prove your commitment these same features can help you leave a lasting impression on people from the book world which then opens the doors to invites to exclusive events, new promotion opportunities, cool goodies and further popularity for your blog.

Reason #9: It is a great way to generate organic links and thus, get your blog rank higher on Google.

Try to visit as many blogs as you can when participating in a Tour. The other participant blogs will not only return this favour but also inadvertently help you in increasing your ranking. Try to leave a link to your post on the other blogs. This creates organic links and in turn, lead to better ranking of your blog.

Reason #10: It is a great way to get the opportunity to giveaway cool book related stuff and other amazing prizes on your blog and again attract more people towards your blog.

Authors that you have worked with are always ready to donate their books and other goodies for Giveaways which I recently noticed when I received an overwhelming sponsorship of prizes over $200 when I asked for donations for a Giveaway on my blog. I had never expected to get such a warm response that not only humbled me but also made me realize how cool these people are. 
A little publicity for them is a very small prize to pay in return for their honest friendship and their goodwill that is helpful when trying to run a successful blog!

Reason #11: Get the chance to win exclusive stuff for yourself too.

Many Tours keep Blogger Incentive Prizes just for the participating bloggers. These prizes can be anything from a signed copy of the book to Gift Cards to book themed goodies to even some cash!

So participating in Virtual Book Tours can also earn you some exclusive prizes that you can showoff to your friends!

Reason #12: Helping is good karma and you win the heartfelt gratitude and respect from the Tour organizers and Authors for your hardwork.

Last but definitely not the least benefit of participating in Virtual Book Tours is the help that you provide and it is good karma.

As it's said, "Do good and good will come back to you."

So is the case here. You give the best help to the authors and the best will come back to you. You'll see the difference yourself when you start giving out your true help to others.


I hope you like what you read here. These are the lessons I have learned in my 2 years of journey as a Blogger and hope they help you too.

Now that I have started my own Promotion services to help Authors called Njkinny Tours & Promotions, I am also on the lookout for dedicated Bloggers committed to helping these cool writers spread word about their work.

Njkinny Tours & Promotions

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Do share your thoughts with me about this article. Any other reasons you know that motivate you to participate in Virtual Book Tours then do share those too with me. I love hearing from you.

Till Later!


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