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Book Review: No More Mulberries by Mary Smith

Title and Author: No More Mulberries by Mary Smith
No. of Pages: 262
Publication Date: October 1, 2011
Genre: Romance, Women's Fiction, Asian Literature
Language: English

Book Review:

No More Mulberries is a book that intrigued me right from the start. I wanted to see for myself how much of the praise for this story set in Afghanistan written by a non-Afghani writer was true and justified.

Well, after reading this book all I can say is that this is one of the best books of this year and even my reading life! All the 5 stars given to this book are truly justified.

The cover is muted and simple. Definitely not one of those sparkly covers that instantly catch our eye. However, it goes well with the intense saga that it showcases. A woman in an Afghani attire sitting in a commonplace brack drop of Afghanistan is ordinary but wait till you read the book.

The blurb is good but nowhere comes near the brilliance of the story and the impact that it leaves on the reader.

The story is about a Scottish Doctor who is determined to help people in the rural parts of countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan and who is married to an Afghani Doctor. Despite being a foreigner, she has jelled and tried her best to comply and make herself one with the customs and lifestyle in Afghanistan. But still her marriage is facing crisis. The unresolved issues involving the murder of her first husband at the hands of the mujahideens, the secrets, insecurities and dilemmas faced by the heroine and her husband and the rapidly changing situations in the country facing a transition are taking a toll on her marriage.

Will Miriam be able to prove to everyone including her husband that even if she is not an Afghani by birth but still she is an Afghani by choice?
Can she resolve these issues and save her marriage or is it already too late?

I just loved this book! Brilliantly written with a lasting impression, this a story unlike any other that I have read so far. Mary brings the feel, scenes and smells from Afghanistan right here to us!
The story ran like a motion picture in my mind and had me totally engrossed right till the end.

Despite being the debut story by Mary, she never let me feel like this was her first book. She wrote like an expert. She mixed history, facts and fiction beautifully to give to us a story that makes us feel a myriad of emotions and then stays with us long after we have finished reading it!

Absolutely compelling, I give No More Mulberries 5 super shiny stars. This is a story of love, loyalty, commitments, societal pressures and customs and the challenges faced by people trying to live their lives on their own terms in such conditions while also trying to bring about a positive chance. Go read it. It is not to be missed.
I loved Mary Smith's style and will be looking out for her other books!

I received the book from the author and I am very thankful to her. The above review is my honest and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced.

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