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Book Review: Rock Hard (Rock Kiss #2) by Nalini Singh

Title and Author: Rock Hard by Nalini Singh
No. of Pages: 398
Series: Rock Kiss #2
Publication Date: TKA Distribution (10 March 2015)
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Adult Romance
Language: English

Book Review:

Rock Hard by Nalini Singh is the third book in the Rock Kiss series, counting the novella in between. I loved reading the previous two books by Nalini in this series and just could not wait for this one.

Starting with the cover, it is hot as usual and instantly creates an image of an alpha hero in our minds that are characteristic of Nalini Singh's romances. The blurb again is very interesting and peeked my interest enough to go further and checkout more about the book.

This is the story of Charlotte Baird whom we met first in Rock Addiction and her new Boss, Gabriel Bishop. Charlotte faced a traumatic past and as a result is painfully shy while Gabriel, a former pro rugby player now turned super wealthy and ruthless businessman has no shy bone in his body. Worlds apart and yet connected by their common chemistry towards each other, their love story is full of hurdles, fears and complexities.

Can Charlotte leave behind her fears and the trauma of her past to embrace the love she has in the present with Gabriel?
Will Gabriel and Charlotte ever have a happily-ever-after?

I just loved this book and think this one is the best one in this series so far. Passionate, heartfelt, emotional with an intense romance that filled me with warmth and a happy feeling, Nalini Singh succeeds in bringing to the readers a story that is like a fairy tale but still so real that it feels right at home in the present world.

The plot is crisply executed with the former book, Rock Addiction's characters and story beautifully merged to sync with this one. I loved Molly and Charlotte's friendly teasing and enjoyed experiencing their true friendship. Charlotte's and Gabriel's romance is truly a hide and seek match between a mouse and a T-Rex and very entertaining. It was fun to watch them butt heads and then make up to each other through simple gestures like sweet bakery products!

Gabriel won my heart with his patience, understanding and love towards Charlotte and how he so carefully and lovingly scraped away each and every one of her insecurities and fears and managed to make her happy again. His every action had me sighing and feeling myself go all starry eyed over him. This is one character I would love to meet in real life. Even his growling, cranky and angry moments were cute and when I saw him with Charlotte and his family, I knew I was a goner.

The author pleasantly surprised and awed me with her novel approach of using 'Memos' to propose love in Rock Courtship and here she uses email, hand written notes and in general things we never saw fitting a romance theme in a romantic story!

Her writing style is witty, hilarious and just as fluidly emotional and heart-shattering poignant. The story moves at a moderate pace and had me enjoying each and every word in it. The scenes and places are vividly described and I think I am slowly falling in love with New Zealand with each of her descriptions of the places there! I have already read this book twice and know this is one book I can read any number of times and still find it enjoyable!

This is the best slow building romance I have read in a long long time and I just loved it!

All in all, Rock Hard by Nalini Singh is a must read book for all adult readers of romance. This book has sex scenes and so should be read by readers above eighteen years of age.

Super shiny 5 stars to it and I can't wait to read the next book in this series. Nalini Singh is a very talented author and one whose books I really like.

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