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Movie Review: Drishyam ~ Visuals Can be Deceptive

I went to watch Drishyam on Saturday and while I didn't have very high expectations from this movie, I was surprised by the whole experience. The first half of the movie is slow and the world building till the interval almost makes the movie boring and had me wishing that I should have selected some other movie to watch but if you persevere till after the Interval, you are rewarded with a sudden upping of the story with a high dose of thrill, suspense and mystery added in the till-now-boring film.

There are intense, nail biting moments with the viewers intrigued with the suspense of how the actors are going to cover the crime that they have committed. Enter the no-nonsense, strict and very shrewd Police officer, Tabu and the emotions along with the tension starts running high. There is a tug-of-war being played in our hearts all through the movie where we aren't able to decide who to side with. Should we side with Ajay Devgn's family who have committed a crime, even if they are good people or should we side with Tabu, a strict Police officer but also the grieving mother of a boy gone missing?

Ajay Devgn, Shriya and the two girls all play their parts to perfection. Their emotions, dilemmas, fears and the sense of guilt is expertly portrayed to the viewers by the director. Tabu is her awesome self and plays the part of a ruthless Police officer well and then just as easily shifts to the tearjerking character of a grieving mother. The other characters also play their part well.

The second half of the film is played out to perfection with the sequence of events so well planned that they left me stumped.

The sound score is average and I was thankful that their weren't many songs in this movie because whatever there were, aren't memorable and I would easily give them a slip.

Had the first part been more crisp and more like the fast paced second half, Drishyam would have been a super shiny 5 star rated movie from me. But currently, I give it 4 out of 5 and recommend it to all people who love suspense and a tight knitted mystery that leaves you baffled and then amazed.

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