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nexGTv: Entertainment for the Nonstop Generation

I love watching TV and its shows have been my companion all through my life. Be it those childhood cartoon shows that had me laughing and visualizing myself in the place of my beloved characters or watching those epic sagas with my mom, silently wiping off my tears as the heroine fought against the injustice meted out to her by her vamp mother-in-law. Add to the list those reality shows that have me furiously rooting for my favourite contests.

The once-upon-a-time thick black & white TV is now a thin flat screen LED TV, but the main thing that has changed along with the appearance of our TV is our lifestyle. People like me who wake up at 6 and are running around the house the next instant preparing breakfast, then hurrying to work often don’t have the time to sit leisurely and watch TV. While record and watch later options are available, the limited time in our schedule doesn’t allow us the luxury to watch our favourite serials even when they are recorded for later.

I think the only time that I get that is truly free of all other responsibilities is the time I spend travelling to office and back, which is substantial. It is during this time that I truly crave the need to have my TV with me because streaming online videos on my Internet network, which remains too slow for smooth watching, is quite a nuisance.

But what if I tell you that there is a new source that provides all our favourite shows on our mobile and that too with smooth streaming on even 2G network? 

Well, this is true and the new Premium Entertainment Destination that I am talking about is the nexGTv app that has put the TV button on our mobiles and come as a boon for all us, - the nonstop generation which is always on the move.

nexGTv is Digivive’s flagship and award-winning application that offers users with wholesome entertainment across multi-screen devices, be it mobile, tablets or laptop/PCs.

Now this makes my eyes shine because just like any other person, I too want my entertainment with me at all times and nexGTv promises me all this and more.

The app is available for free download on Android, Windows and iOS devices. This app offers over 140 Live TV channels with movies, TV Shows and videos. Like for example, when I installed this app on my mobile, I could see all my favourite channels like Aaj Tak, Colors etc. featured in the menu with options to watch episodes either free or at nominal charges.

While this is great, what is even better is the ability of this app to stream even on slower Internet networks and across a variety of operating systems.

The application can run across 2G, EDGE, 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi networks. Compatible with most of the popular smartphone platforms including Android, BlackBerry and iOS, the consumers can access nexGTv irrespective of their bandwidth limitations or operating platform.

From breaking news and comedy episodes to cartoon episodes and even multi-lingual show options, nexGTv offers a variety of options for entertainment. A promising option with the capability to battle sketchy Internet connection and a wide variety of entertainment options, isn't nexGTv answer to all our entertainment needs?

So, have you explored/discovered this premium entertainment destination of India yet?

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