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#ARCBookReview: Rock Redemption (Rock Kiss #3) by Nalini Singh

Rock Redemption is the third book in the Rock Kiss series and one that I had been looking forward to reading as soon as possible. Thanks to the author, Nalini Singh, I got to read the book before its release on 6th October 2015 and even before the official cover reveal! Thanks Nalini for showing so much faith in my reviews and sending me a copy!

Firstly, I absolutely love the Rock Kiss series. Intense, heartfelt and oh so real, the stories so far have been raw, frank and memorable. Rock Redemption is no exception to this trend and again is a story that had me completely engrossed right from the start to the finish. 

This book narrates the story of Kit and Noah whom I met in the previous books. Noah is the "Bad Boy" of the famous "Schoolboy Choir" band and their guitarist. Famous among the ladies and known for his one night stands, Noah doesn't do the forever kind of love thing except that Kit is different. She is the only woman who came close to his heart and whose love he then deliberately and cruelly crushed because he has demons and doesn't believe he can ever outrun them. Kit has always loved Noah but then he broke her heart. A sudden turn of events forces these two to stay close and act like a real couple. Forced close, the sparks that lay dormant but never diffused spark again.
Is there a happily-ever-after possible for Noah and Kit?

I always thought I didn't love the glitzy and glamour filled world of celebrities but then I read the Rock Kiss series and fell in love with these rock stars who live among the pretense filled sparkly world of glamour but still are so normal that they make us, ordinary people, feel a part of their lives. Noah always looked worlds apart from me but then I read this book and finally got a closer look into his soul. Suddenly, everything about his reckless and often rude behaviour, his seemingly heartless actions and aloofness made sense. I understood why he became like this and fell in love with him. A normal man haunted by a horrible past, I rooted for his happiness but sometimes also felt frustrated with him and wanted to leave him be. But just as I thought he was hopeless and could never become worthy of a strong love like Kit's, the author shocked me yet again by giving a sudden turn to the story that had me smiling and again feeling respect for the writing prowess of the author.

When Noah decided to fight for his love, it was beautiful and had me going all misty eyed and then loving him for the guts it took to fight the terror he had suffered from childhood and stay strong for the woman he loved because

"When Noah St. John decided to love,...,he went all the way."

Kit is a strong character. She believes in her love and despite the heartless way Noah broke her heart, she still cares for him and goes far to help him by even agreeing to be his friend which is a brave move, in my opinion. She took so much from Noah which I think no one would have done. She stood with love in her eyes and hurt in her heart while Noah kept crushing her again and again. 

"Why can't you see me like I see you?" -Kit

The romance between these characters is conflict filled, emotionally charged, heartrending and yet so memorable with its own sweet moments that showed how two people who are clearly meant for each other often stay away just because of some insecurities, fears and a past they can't change. But when they do come together, past all their fears, the memorable life they have is one we all crave for!

I enjoyed meeting my favourite couples from this series, David and Thea, Fox and Molly again. I felt happy watching them be so happy together and felt the contentment I would have felt watching my friends happy!

Nalini's writing style is her usual engaging and fluid self. She creates a vivid picture and I felt like I was actually there all through the book. The story is moderately paced with well calculated twists and turns that had me eager to know more right till the end. The stalker angle had me scared for Kit and then while I managed to guess who the stalker was, I still was surprised when the curtain opened on him. The scenes, locations and emotions are admirably developed and the small gestures of love from Noah to Kit had me goofily happy like a love struck teenager.

Unlike, the previous books, this one is clean all through with no sexual scenes which only come when they are most demanded in the later part of the book and then too, they are tame as compared to the past books in the series. I admire how the author merges sex in with her stories without looking uncomfortable and sketches such realistic and sexually charged scenes without making them look vulgar and unwanted.

Nalini also keeps the base for her next book in the series which will most probably be about Abe and I cant wait to read his story. Hurt bad which then had him overdose on drugs, it would be interesting to read his story.

All in all, Rock Redemption had me stay awake late in the night because I just could not keep it down. It is a rocky, thrilling and heartfelt ride towards a forever kind of happiness and a must read. Strongly recommended to all romance lovers, I give Rock Redemption by Nalini Singh 4.5 out of 5 and eagerly await the next book in the series. :)

Nalini Singh is a very talented author and one whose books I look out for.

I received and ARC copy of the book from the author and I am very thankful to her. The above review is my honest and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced.

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