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Book Review: Second Chance Bride by Raine English

Title and Author: Second Chance Bride by Raine English
No. of Pages: 106
Publication Date: Elusive Dreams Press (25 August 2015)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Language: English

Book Review:
Second Chance Bride by Raine English attracted me when I heard about it during a Facebook party and heard that it had a telepathic dog who leads the heroine to her Mr. Right! I love dogs and this book promised me not only the cuteness quotient of a dog but also telepathic one and I knew that I just had to read the book.

The cover is cute and eye catching while the blurb also intrigues and I am sure will be successful in attracting the readers' attention towards this book.

This one was my first book by Raine English and I enjoyed reading her writing. She writes in a simple, no frills style and had me hooked to the story right from the start.

The plot is a simple one and even predictable but despite this, the execution is admirably done that I loved each and every second spent reading this book. The scenic beauty of the place and the scenarios are beautifully brought to life and had me visualizing each and every event in the book like it was happening right in front of me.

The protagonist, Kya is sweet, loyal and an ardent lover of animals. She runs a animal shelter and is about to marry a man she thinks she loves. Her already planned life takes a plunge when she finds Lucky, a telepathic dog who convinces her that her to-be-husband is not the right man for her and when she meets widower, Devon, Lucky is convinced that he is her Mr. Right! 

Although Kya and Devon feel sparks fly right from the beginning but still both are holding back due to different reasons. I loved Kya's attempts at trying to please her to-be-groom who is a total jerk and never there for her. Her determination to make her own place inspite of coming from a wealthy family had me admiring her and then I fell in love with Devon, right beside her!

I loved Kya. She is bubbly, loving, loyal and overall a kind person. I also had a laugh at her name "Kya" which if I speak it in my own language, Hindi, it means "What". LOL

Devon is a Finance teacher. He is simple, sincere and a stable man who is still grieving for his dead wife but is so adorably intuitive to Kya's moods and helpful. Their romance built slowly but still felt so real and heartfelt that it had me enjoying each and every scene with them in it.

Lucky is having his own love story with Devon's dog, Daisy and how they brought together Devon and Kya had me smiling and clapping in joy!

All in all, Second Chance Bride is a light, funny, happy, clean romantic and a totally enjoyable read that I absolutely loved reading.  4 out of 5 to it and recommended to all romance lovers. I enjoyed Raine's writing style and will be checking out her other books too. :)

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